Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31, Zech.1-4

Zech the prophet could be a contemporary to Daniel, because he served in the time of a Darius the mede as well, but more study will prove that.
1.3 - return to the Lord - return to ME. This is what God is usually saying to me. I get so far away, then I come back for a little bit, then I get far away again.
1.4 - I want to pay attention to you. IOUS
1.15 - Imagine - grace usually leads us to more sin (Rom 6, 7)
2.10 - Sing and rejoice in the Lord vs Be silent before the Lord. This is two different worship styles. Both are necessary. Even when we do sing and rejoice before the Lord our heart's attitude needs to be one of reverence and fear and not focused on ourselves or what others can see us do.

More to come on Zech!

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