Thursday, December 29, 2005

Matthew 20-22

Ok - I haven't been faithful in this at all and even Rach's prayer this morning was so convicting...thank you Lord for accountability like hers. Let me never rely on it for motive or reasoning, but let me pursue your face because its your face...

20.11 - why do we grumble at the grace we receive when we see others receiving it too? Does that cheapen the grace we get or do I just think I'm better and should receive it?
20.33 - something so simple - "Lord, let our eyes be opened". Wow - what a statement of simple faith and immediate reward.
22.12 - Thank you for being my wedding garment! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Rest of Matthew on Christmas Day, 16-19, pt 1

Starting with Chapter 16
16.23 - Boy, Peter goes from the Rock to Satan - Faith and perseverance to protection...
16.26 - What does it look like to gain the whole world and forfeit LIFE? Lord, teach me how I do that everyday.
17.13 - We often ask for signs and wonders and then when they happen we do not recognize them. The Jews have asked for a Savior - but now that He has come - they do not recognize Him because He isn't exactly what THEY wanted. Help me to see what YOU do for Your glory and npt get it mized up with what I want.
17.17 - You have to think Jesus would get a little tired of faithless people. He had been with the same people this whole time and yet to think they still didn't know Him or believe in Him

Monday, December 19, 2005

Matthew 13-15

I can read at my own pace now till the end of the year because they allowed for some "catch up" days. Good thing - I've gotta read Matthew
13.16 - Thank you for your free gift of hearing ears and seeing eyes.
13.44 - What a great verse. he isn't reluctant to go and give up what he has to gain something better - he is joyful about it.
13.58 - If only they believed
14.13... - Jesus had just heard about the death of John the B, but the people wouldn't leave him alone - so he had compassion on them. I wouldn't want to minister - I would want my introvert time. flying pigs, Lord, flying pigs
14.30 - He looked at the wind and not Jesus - the Master of the Wind
15.8-9 - i know this is true of me sometimes, Jesus. Purify those times and help them to be never, but if sin arises - few and far between. Lord, let me focus on you and not the other things around worship.
2 Feeding stories - they all ate and were satisfied - Jesus is our portion - a constant friend is he - his eye is on the sparrow - and I know he watches me.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dec 17 - 1 and 2 Thess

I gotta quit playing catch up and get on to todays - will read Matthew the rest of it, tomorrow.
1.5 - The people were chosen - power and conviction. No conviction takes places where the Spirit hasn't moved yet.
2.6 - May that be the case with me - never seeking glory from people - but only from you.
2.13 - May this also be for my ministry - may they never see the words that I speak as from me - but may they see them as your words - (if that be the case).
4.7 - For God has called us to purity - holiness - for Himself
4.18 - Encourage each other in these words - the coming of the Lord - should not bring fear or confusion from Christians - but encouragement.
5.21 - Test everything - hold fast to what is good. (Bruce)
5.23 - Peace - santification
1.3 - Just what Paul told them to do in the first letter - has happened in the second letter - obedience to the message of God to them.
2.16 - Very much like Rom 8.32

Friday, December 16, 2005

More in Matthew

10.34... - you have to be above the people we look to for authority in our lives. As someone wise said..."who is in control of your life...God or your parents?"
11.25... - How easy God is...but oh how hard. We try to do things on our own and He just wants us to rest in Him.
12.15... - Chosen, beloved, Spirited, victory and hope - Jesus
12.34 - OUt of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Oh Jesus fill my mouth with words that are coming from my heart. Only let edifying and enriching things come out of my mouth - even things that are the truth. If they tear down they don't need to be said. I want to be of those who free the captives and bring hope to the hopeless.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More catching up with Matthew

It feels good to read again just for me and come through a time of set aside prayer and reading and worship in intercession for other people. REnewal comes through that like no other - fantastic and mysterious.
5.6 - what do I hunger and thirst for? Am I wanting other things to fill me?
5.13 - What do I do in every day life that causes me to lose my saltiness? Sleeping and eating too much - not paying enough attention to worship, disciplines, and the Word?
6.1 - How guilty I am of this often - when I worship - O Lord let my grace gifts be given to you and you alone
6.7 - Let my prayers be genuine - let my whole outward relationship with you be evidenced by the inner walk - not for show
6.10 - No authority here on earth can stop your will - we pray and claim that whatever your will is it will be done here on earth!
6.17 - Thank you for rewarding with your presence and Words from your Word
7.8 - Everyone who asks receives...what good promise!
7.11 - How much more? Thank you for being so far above us!
7.29 - He didn't need the authority of the scribes - He is the authority. All authority starts and ends with Him!
8.10 - Oh what a look at distant faith. To be like that - praised for the faith that is only given by grace.
8.19-22 - We think we are often so willing, yet when it comes down to it we really aren't. O Lord let me be willing to follow you wherever you might lead
8.26 - Why are you afraid and where is your faith?
9.9 - Another display of unhesitating obedience. True obedience.
9.29 - According to your faith - oh give me more grace that I can have more faith that you are going to complete your will here on earth.
9.38 - Pray earnestly!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Some catching up from Matthew

Matt 1 - How God uses our inadequacies and sins to bring about his plans. And Joseph - all he probably wanted to do was to settle down and have a nice little carpenter's life...imagine what he got himself into.
2.2 We saw his star - the one he spoke into existence, now they come to worship the creator born baby King
2.10 - Rejoiced exceedingly with great joy - do you think perhaps they were excited?
3.11 - Why don't I ever think I am that unworthy - not even to carry his sandals. But I think I'm worthy enough to sing his praises and teach his Word
4.2 - Did that mean he wasn't hungry during the 40 days and I can't even go 38 hours without being hungry? Again, fasting is only a tool...not the end to grace.
4 -end - When JEsus said go - these men left everything and followed Him. They didn't ask other people or want other's opinions - they went. May God command loudly!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catching up - Dec 2-5

Ok - so this will be quite a long blog. With company - I didn't have my laptop right with me all the time, so I just read random stuff and not the plan. HEre we will finish up 2 Chron, James and some of Matthew.

30.8 - Yield, consecrate, serve - so that the anger and wrath of the Lord may be far from us. do not be stiffnecked - that is what he often referred the people of Israel too. Let me be yeilding to him.
30.12 - Humble and one heart. Wholeheartedly seeking after what God wants and not what we want.
31.21 - Seeking the Lord with all his heart - he did what he did and prospered - the way to true success
32.8 - Even against massive armies - the Lord was with the victor
33.10 - God - if and when you speak to me - help me not to pay no attention, Help me to listen and obey
34.2 - Diligence in doing right
34.31 - Josiah's covenant: walk after the LORd, keep his commandments, testimonies and statutes, with all he was, and to perform what the Lord said
35.7 - the king sacrificed for the people
James 1.4 - So the more trials we have the more steadfast, complete, and perfect we will be?
1.5-8 - Make M stable in all her ways - trusting in you to give her what she asks. GIve her wisdom because she asks for it.
1.17 - a small glimpse of unchanging love - there is no variation or shadow due to change
1.27 - we always forget this part - to keep oneself unstained from the world. That is included in true religion
2.10 - Edmund in Narnia
2.23 - believed an obedience - called a friend of God

Thursday, December 01, 2005

2 Chron 25-28 - DECEMBER!!!

25.2 - He did what was right - but not with a whole heart. How this often charactizes my doing right. Lord - help my motives to be pure!
25.15 - Oh, just 13 quick verses - he goes from doing right to setting up gods. Make my heart pure and purify me where I am not prone to set up other gods.
26.16 - AGain, time elapses and we get stronger and then we tend to look toward ourselves. Lord - make me weak in and of myself that I might not grow strong in who I am or what gifts you have given me, but that I would look to you and what you have done and who you are!
28.22 - in times of distress or stress or hard times, let me not grow more faithless, but grow more faithful and look to you and know you even more through the pain.