Monday, December 19, 2005

Matthew 13-15

I can read at my own pace now till the end of the year because they allowed for some "catch up" days. Good thing - I've gotta read Matthew
13.16 - Thank you for your free gift of hearing ears and seeing eyes.
13.44 - What a great verse. he isn't reluctant to go and give up what he has to gain something better - he is joyful about it.
13.58 - If only they believed
14.13... - Jesus had just heard about the death of John the B, but the people wouldn't leave him alone - so he had compassion on them. I wouldn't want to minister - I would want my introvert time. flying pigs, Lord, flying pigs
14.30 - He looked at the wind and not Jesus - the Master of the Wind
15.8-9 - i know this is true of me sometimes, Jesus. Purify those times and help them to be never, but if sin arises - few and far between. Lord, let me focus on you and not the other things around worship.
2 Feeding stories - they all ate and were satisfied - Jesus is our portion - a constant friend is he - his eye is on the sparrow - and I know he watches me.

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