Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturdays are partly made for music and sports

Why can't every day be a Saturday? Or even a Friday night. They are soon becoming my favorite days. Its the first job in a while that I've had where I haven't been on call. So, I'm not worried about being called into work. Its very nice. I know it will change when I start working at W-S again for the holidays, but that will only be for a short period of time.
I woke up this morning, ate some breakfast, listening to music, checked email, chilling before cleaning and cooking for my girls at a brunch later this morning. Then I'll go exercise, then watch my GATORS play against Alabama - they better air that game up here and not some dinky UNC or NCSU game, certainly they wouldn't air the Duke/Navy game.
But, reading the Word this morning too.
Ps 55
The art of casting. Why do I always take my burdens to somewhere else (or someone else literally) before I take it to God. He's the only One who can really help anyway. But, I tend to find comfort and sympathy from earthly things that are fleeting.
"Whisper peace to me" - an FFH song I'm listening to right now - Tired of my reflection, blinded by my own perception - need to see you clearer,
1 Tim 2 - I could see how that passage could be taken wrong - but not if you see Scripture clearly and rightly. God's intention and will from the beginning in Gen 1 - we ruined fellowship. But, we need to be seen as women of God with good works - not adornment.
"Gifted Response" - Matt Redman. That says it all - we can't come to by our own merit. We can only do any good work (Eph 2.10) by the work of Jesus on the cross. We can't do any good on our own. We'll sing the glory of your name, the glories of your grace, we will worship you, we'll make your praise all glorious, sing songs of everlasting praise - we will worship (what we deem worth praise) you.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tigers, Fighting, Reading, Striving

Yesterday - just b/c I didn't want to blog right before going to bed b/c it was late.
Auburn got a run for their money down in Cock land. It came down to the last play - sorry Steve, try harder next time. We'll hopefully tame the Tigers in a couple weeks for ya.
Time in the Word was good. It had been a battled day at work yesterday with a co-worker. Gave in - but should have just ignored her, answered kindly, God against my foes. Ps 53. He is my salvation and my deliverer. Let Him do it. I don't need to fight. Most of the time I fight wrong anyway.
I fight for my interests and not theirs (Phil 2).
1 Tim 2 - the beginning of the chapter is bookended with commands to pray. I haven't been doing that much lately. We are commanded to because God's glory and for the salvation of the world - therefore, we should pray.
Then I read the Christ-hymns and started reading again in Piper's Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ I read that back in 2001 and now I'm reading it again. I can't believe its been that long ago that I read it. My second year of seminary, 2 years of being in NC. Now that all that may be coming to a close - I'm reading it again. I read it on SEBTS's grounds - looking around, striving, when I should just be thirsting and seeking the only thing that will satisfy me and never let me down - GOD and HIS GLORY. is Friday - praise God! Work, Yoga, eating at Carolina Cafe with one of my girls - Go Maggie, finally, Harris Teeter to pick up a few things for brunch tomorrow, then home to read and go to bed so I can get up early for cycle and brunch.
HAppy Friday

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

United States, North Korea, and Religion

I found this article today on my yahoo site. Good article. I agree with them some. Read the article - then hear me out before judging.
Yes - there is an absolute that GOD is God and Jesus is the only way to get to God and have eternal life (John 14.6, many places in Isaiah - God will not give His glory to another - He is a jealous God).
No - we shouldn't go around killing Muslims just because they (some radical ones) kill other people. (I am not saying I disagree with the war in Iraq - I support it). But, just like we shouldn't kill abortion doctors just because they kill - we shouldn't kill Muslims just because they kill. We should let God be the "religion judge" (as the article says that we are).
Why not - evangelize them, love them, offer them grace, words of Truth, forgive them?
Remember - before grace - we were just like them - guilty and DEAD. We got grace! All to the praise of HIS GLORY!

Olive Trees and Controversies

In Ps 52, he describes a contrast so clear. Evil - productivitiy from being in God's presence. Which one am I right now and which one do I want to be. What is in it for me to be the first one? Life is so meaningless, unsatisifying with Christ and putting Him first. That is why we have grace - so that we may taste the all-satisfyingness of Christ and not want to go back. Then, we can be like an olive tree.
But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever. I will thank you forever, because you have done it. I will wait for your name, for it is good, in the presence of the godly.
I trust in the God's love.
I am thanksful because of God's actions
I am patient for God's name.

Starting to read in 1 Timothy, too.
So many times in the church we see controversies (half of which aren't worth their weight in salt) but how many of them don't follow this pattern that we see written to a young pastor. Paul tells him he is going to face them - but he also tells him how to address them: pure heart, good conscience, sincere faith. Most of the time when we are facing controversies we come pridefully, arrogantly, thinking all about ourselves and our cause. I saw this especially at the SBC this past summer and all the things surrounding it. Guarantee some of those men did not speak out of a pure heart - but one of vendetta, revenge, pride, just to hear themselves speak, on a soapbox, etc.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Now, I'm not saying we should go without sleep. But, take me for example. I do my QT in the morning b/c that is when I'm fresh without the cares of the day and the boringness of work to cloud my judgment. Focusing on the Word in the morning also helps me dwell on it all day. But, if I stay up too late at night, or just crave that extra 2 hours of fitful sleep that comes after hitting the snooze button a couple of times...those QTs don't happen.
So, move the alarm clock. I put mine tonight in the bathroom so I'm right near the sink to wash my face and clear across the room so I actually have to get out of bed to shut it off (don't wanna make the neighbors mad when they hear it at 5.15a).
Now, God does create us to be whole people in His image, but He also wants us to prioritize HIM. Focus on Him. Shut the alarm clock off and not just press snooze. God wants us to get sleep - but if that means leaving Him out then something else must go.
We tithe our money - but do we spend 2 hrs and 24 minutes of our day with Him. I know I don't...but I spend that amount of time doing other things.
Good morning - this is your wake up call!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Productive weekends

Weekend was pretty productive.
Friday night I hung out in Raleigh with Terah and Nicole. We had great conversation, food, and shopping at Crabtree, Ruby Tuesdays (with their great pumpernickel croutons), and JCrew.
Saturday was great with a cycle class, Wal-Mart, eating at City Beverage in Durham (a great new find if a little expensive) with Claudia. Talked to the waiter about FL football (he went to high school with Chris Leak). Then came home to clean my room (goodness I can see the floor) and talk with my roomie, and then watch the GATORS WIN!!! They are 3-0. Unfortunately so are the 4 teams above them in the polls. But, hopefully we'll take care of Auburn in a few weeks. Tebow is a great guy - freshman from Nease High School. He ran for 62 yards in three plays. Wow! At one point the crowd started booing the Heisman candidate - Leak when they brought him back in. Good gracious! But, then they started cheering for him again. That is good.
Sunday was good - meeting new students at College Life at Cole Mill. Then church and out to eat with a friend from seminary. The came home to cook for Bible study on Ruth tonight, watch the Bucs lose to Carolina (but no wonder - Chris Simms had a ruptured spleen afterwards).
The Bible study went well. About 5 girls for discussion on Ruth. We ate dinner, talked, got to know each other - then studied the word together. We're going to do it next month too over White Chicken Chili. YUM!
Anyway - now I gotta go back to work tomorrow...whooohoooo!

Random wedding picture

This is Sarah and Jonathan Welch. I found this picture on my camera. Its the only one I got in before my camera died. She looked beautiful and he was so happy.
They are both in Durham - she teaches school and he is working at the church and going to Southeastern.
Congrats you two! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Consider Their Ways...

Hebrews 13.7
Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.
There is another verse I was looking for for this post, somewhere in Paul's letters - something about imitate me as I follow after Christ - but I couldn't find the reference. Not all of these women are my leaders, but in all of them I want to consideer their way of life and imitate their faith. This list isn't finished - but these are the ones I am thinking of today...
Who do you want to be like? Of course - we want to be like Christ...but who on earth do you want to be like. I want the girls that I disciple to see things in me that makes them want to be more like Christ. Most times I fail miserably - but other times, hopefully by the grace of God, I show them Christ.
As I was thinking about this yesterday, I wanted to give you some women that I want to be like - all for different reasons...
Here they are:

Mom - I want to have her selfLESSness and do-for-others-ness. That is so unlike me and the part of my life and discipline where I struggle the most.

Phyllis - Her knowledge of the Word, living it out, and love for her family. The way she actively pursues the Word, time with God, praying for her family, etc. She has taught me that the most (even above all the good recipes) over the past 12 years.

Laura - - her creativity, both with her art and the way she is raising her son. She has got to be the most creative person I know - so talented at everything she puts her hands on. If I had one pinky full of the creativity that Laura has - just think of how much I could do...

Kimmie - I have known this woman since I was about 10 - she is only I think 2 years older than me. But, as I was thinking about her yesterday (she is what sparked this whole blog), I know that everytime I think of her I think of Christ. In her pictures, at her wedding, at summer camp all those years ago, with her family, doing ministry at (yuck) FSU, in everything for her - CHRIST. Her eyes, smile, posture, demeanor - everything CHRIST. I'm not exaggerating this at all. It is all by GRACE. She is amazing. I haven't seen her now probably since her wedding which was 10 years ago, but I have kept up with her somewhat through family friends and email. But, just to watch her life from a distance is an encouragement. Thank you Kimmie.

Now, here's my charge to me and to you (whoever is reading this). What am I doing right now to take after these women? Am I memorizing Scripture and praying for others like Phyllis? Am I living for others and serving them like my Mom? Am I doing anything with creativity like Laura? Am I living my whole life for Christ and showing Him to others like Kimmie?

Who do you want to be like? Women - who are you imitating as they imitate Christ? Men - do you have older/younger men in your life that you want to imitate as they follow hard after Christ? What are you doing to get there?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

thinking rightly

Went to a singles' Bible study at Sovereign Grace Apex last night. It was good - a little younger than I thought it was going to be, mostly college students, but the study and thought are worth the trip to Apex once a month.
This year the study is on the Doctrine of God and how that affects our daily lives (careers, gender roles, relationships, schooling, etc). Last night we read some out of the NT and Ps 50 - which I had just read for my QT. But, also we read out of the intro and first chapter in Tozer's book - The Knowledge of the Holy. Great book by the way - on the "easy but meaty" list for doctrine of God studies.
He was talking about thinking rightly about God. What does that mean? If we answer that than what is idolatry? A couple of things stood out to me...
1. Idolatry is when we don't think rightly about God. Because if we think wrongly about God then we are putting that god in God's place. Get my drift?
2. Churches start to go astray when they don't think or study or preach rightly about God. Most of you probably know the churches I am talking about, but even seemingly more conservative churches about God. If they don't preach and live the RIGHT thinking about God and preach ALL of who God is - then they are going astray. This is why preaching expositorally is necessary. The Bible is how we know how to think rightly about God and in turn "love God with all our minds" - Matt 22.37

Of course - the only way we know how to think rightly about God or can even think about God at all is Grace! That is underlying everything we do. Praise God for it!

On a side note - may not post now till Sunday. Got a busy night tonight, tomorrow is Cortnee and Jeremy's wedding, then hanging with Melissa, then cooking, new friends, Gator football, Church...

Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, I am using the latter part of this evening "dating" my computer. No, not online dating - just spending quality time with my computer. Listening to the Shanes right now, looking for a couple of songs to download this weekend, scrolling through blogs, typing out emails...Good quality evening.
Here is a MUST READ BLOG, and subsequent links you must read in the somewhat near future. (even if you aren't a girl - this post has nothing to do with being a girl, but about serving a sovereign God).

Also, I wanted to post the words to one of the songs I heard last night...

Arise - by the Shanes (sorry for the format below, I just cut and paste)

arise and awaken He is king He is king arise, my soul awaken all flesh is grass surely fading (fast) oh soon, it's all gone, we'll fly away oh soon, it's gone, it's gone
You are the maker, life sustainer everything comes and everything goes when you give the word of mercy, oh lord satisfy, You and i arise my soul awaken that i might see and be happy all my day show
long will there be mourning? return to us return to us teach me to number my days at the most 80 years who cares about meaningless things? i do i care about R-2and i care about yahoo things that are fleeting, fading away awaken my soul awaken my soul

5 years, Shanes, Football, Baking

I'm not going to make all of this blog emotional, being that this is the 5th anniversary of Sept 11. But, I think some things need mentioning:
1. God is still on his throne.
or the lives of the families that did the attacks and suffered in the attacks. Many moms, dads, brother, sisters, daughters, sons, etc were lost in that day.
3. Thank God that we do live in a free country.
4. Remember throughout the history of our country - the lives that have been lost to preserve that freedom.
I do remember where I was. I was in my dorm room, then at the bank watching the news, then I spent the day at Randy's just watching it over and over again. That is all I could do. There is only one other event in my life that I remember what I was doing. January 1986 - I was on the soccer field at LCS when the Challenger exploded. You do remember.

Now, onto the rest of the weekend.
GATORS won, all ACC Carolina teams lost.
Bucs got killed - they should have just gone home, but they were playing at home. It was miserable for them.
But, the Colts won last night and Carolina lost - that does make for a 66% great day in football!

The Shanes was amazing last night. They played a couple of new songs:
Arise - which is on their live album which I don't have, so that was great.
Jesus Come - "may the vision of you be the death of me"
A song based on Gal 3.13ff, "Embracing Accusation" We are dead - then JESUS! What a phenom song - sorry if you missed it because you didn't want to go to a "bluegrass" concert. You really missed out. Came by myself but randomly found these girls that I had met a few weeks ago in Wal-mart, a YP that goes to Grace Church in CH, and Jenn and Ben. Good night - long concert - but well worth it.

Baked this weekend
1. A Paula Deen pound cake which was delicious. Had a small bite while it was warm then took it to college on Sun am. It was gone - so at least I didn't eat it. But, I used my great new pan and that made it turn out great!
2. Baked cookies yesterday for a meeting tonight. Double chunk peanut butter blossoms. Had a bite of one, threw some out so I wouldn't eat them, brought the rest to work and to the meeting tonight.
Even though I love to bake, I've learned not to eat as much either! :)

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

thoughts on class tonight

As I sat in class tonight - I realized this is the first time one of Dr. Coley's classes is actually having an adverse effect on me. Not to take anything away from the class at all - and I really like Dr. Littlejohn's perspective on thing (Trinity Academy, Raleigh).
But, I sit there, especially if we talk about our current vocation. This is what I get. Mothers or teachers (or administrators). Then I say, oh, I push papers at Duke. Who cares that I already have a degree and I teach Bible studies to women and college girls (yes, I love doing that and I don't mean to downplay that at all) - but do I get paid for it? NO!
So, his class is actually depressing me because I can talk about this all day long and it never seemingly takes me anywhere except to some dead-end low ender job. Will I ever get to do what I love to do and get paid for it? Or be a Mom (but that is a different story).
Anyway...I know, God's plan and His timing is perfect. I just wish sometimes he would let me in on it. But then where would faith be? God I need that gift of faith right now - and yes, faith is a gift (Eph 2.8-9) and I think it applies even outside the realm of salvation.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Perfection of Beauty

I completely have been a slacker. As I said in a comment on Jenn's blog we strive in grace - even grace is needed for us to strive. I haven't even been doing that. I've been receiving grace - but not using that grace wisely - (if I can even do that?)
Ps 50 starts out with a very real and often-lesser view of God (for most of the world):
The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth. Our God comes; he does not keep silence; before him is a devouring fire...
We often like to think of God as a Giver, Lover, Friend (which He is all graciously all those things), but we don't like to look to Him as a devouring fire, mighty tempest, shining light, mighty one, perfect. That often isn't appealing to us.
The perfection of beauty. Man, how I would like to take that class Dr. Little teaches at SEBTS now on aethetics and philosophy. Can we even fathom the perfection of beauty. We say there is a beauty in the eye of the beholder - but God is the perfection of beauty - everything else is in relation to that.
Another phrase in this psalm I like:
But to the wicked God says:“What right have you to recite my statutes or take my covenant on your lips? For you hate discipline,and you cast my words behind you.
God would consider my actions the past few weeks wicked. He wouldn't consider me wicked b/c I've been purchased and redeemed by the Blood of Christ - but I have put so many things above HIM the past few weeks. I have hated discipline in spiritual things and have constantly put His words behind me. Oh, God - give me grace, not to say that arrived (thanks Jenn for the reminder) but to press into the wonderful grace and face of Jesus.
This is who I want to be - the end of the psalm:
The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Paid Holidays, House, and cookbooks

Ah, how I do love paid vacation! This weekend has been great in terms of missing work! :)
Got back from Boston yesterday, had to do some shopping before coming home. Then two of my girls are here. We have already done so much.
We have watched 4 episodes of House - with more to come today.
We have made oh my goodness delicious snickerdoodles - they are great - and I even had just one. They were from a recipe, tweaked a little from Taste of Home Complete Guide to Baking - what a great baking cookbook for all you bakers out there.
We made homemade popcorn - Veronica style.
Today we are eating some good food and watching more House.
I love spending time with Becky and Cat, hanging out, watching House, chilling. And I get paid to do it today!
Two great cookbooks we picked up while in Boston. Of course, my Mom gets them first.
Alton Brown's - I'm Just Here for the Food - fun book just like his show Good Eats
Legal SeaFoods = cookbook with great seafood recipes - hopefully I can find out how to cook their tuna. It was wonderful. Best tuna I've ever had!
Still can't find a recipe for Apple Mousse - so if anyone has one, let me know.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

memoirs of Bean Town

Many different things have taken place in Boston. Jan now made me an "official" name tag that states "Kim, I'm Alvie Davidson's Daughter" That was the big joke from last year's FGS conference in Sacremento.
When I flew in to Boston on Thursday night it was gorgeous. I just prayed that God would someday direct me back to living on the water. I love it - it is a clear sign of God's creative aspects and character. It was wonderful.
The time to get to the airport was traumatic. I thought I would die coming in the van - the dude was rude, spoke little English, and didn't know how to drive.
Had some great tuna for dinner. Parents had gotten Legal Seafood and had brought me some tuna home.
Went on a tour of Bean Town on Friday. We didn't get to see any place, but really saw everything. So, Dad and I went back to Trinity church this morning after getting some breakfast at The Pour House - it was good, even though there was this one rude customer.
Mom and I got our nails done and she got her hair cut.
So...we are going shopping tonight, out to dinner at No Name Restaurant...
Oh, speaking of food...two great things about this trip. Mom and I ate at Brown Sugar Cafe yesterday - a Thai restaurant near Fenway park. Phenom! Then our taxi driver on the way back was from Phuket and Bangkok - so I got to talk a little about my trip there earlier this year. Our dessert, pictured here, was brown sugar sticky rice in banana leaves - oh my goodness. Mom loved her Thai food experience. Then the dessert we had last night at the conference meal was an apple mouse in an almond brittle bowl - oh my goodness. Top 3 desserts I have ever had in my life...#1 was the cheesecake in NYC in this little cafe. Anyway, I've eaten well, shopped well, exercised well, back is so hurting this morning...but...oh, and for Laura there are cows everywhere! :) They sell them for charity - after they are painted - like the swans in Lakeland.
Anyway, one more day then home to watch House.