Monday, September 04, 2006

Paid Holidays, House, and cookbooks

Ah, how I do love paid vacation! This weekend has been great in terms of missing work! :)
Got back from Boston yesterday, had to do some shopping before coming home. Then two of my girls are here. We have already done so much.
We have watched 4 episodes of House - with more to come today.
We have made oh my goodness delicious snickerdoodles - they are great - and I even had just one. They were from a recipe, tweaked a little from Taste of Home Complete Guide to Baking - what a great baking cookbook for all you bakers out there.
We made homemade popcorn - Veronica style.
Today we are eating some good food and watching more House.
I love spending time with Becky and Cat, hanging out, watching House, chilling. And I get paid to do it today!
Two great cookbooks we picked up while in Boston. Of course, my Mom gets them first.
Alton Brown's - I'm Just Here for the Food - fun book just like his show Good Eats
Legal SeaFoods = cookbook with great seafood recipes - hopefully I can find out how to cook their tuna. It was wonderful. Best tuna I've ever had!
Still can't find a recipe for Apple Mousse - so if anyone has one, let me know.

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