Saturday, September 02, 2006

memoirs of Bean Town

Many different things have taken place in Boston. Jan now made me an "official" name tag that states "Kim, I'm Alvie Davidson's Daughter" That was the big joke from last year's FGS conference in Sacremento.
When I flew in to Boston on Thursday night it was gorgeous. I just prayed that God would someday direct me back to living on the water. I love it - it is a clear sign of God's creative aspects and character. It was wonderful.
The time to get to the airport was traumatic. I thought I would die coming in the van - the dude was rude, spoke little English, and didn't know how to drive.
Had some great tuna for dinner. Parents had gotten Legal Seafood and had brought me some tuna home.
Went on a tour of Bean Town on Friday. We didn't get to see any place, but really saw everything. So, Dad and I went back to Trinity church this morning after getting some breakfast at The Pour House - it was good, even though there was this one rude customer.
Mom and I got our nails done and she got her hair cut.
So...we are going shopping tonight, out to dinner at No Name Restaurant...
Oh, speaking of food...two great things about this trip. Mom and I ate at Brown Sugar Cafe yesterday - a Thai restaurant near Fenway park. Phenom! Then our taxi driver on the way back was from Phuket and Bangkok - so I got to talk a little about my trip there earlier this year. Our dessert, pictured here, was brown sugar sticky rice in banana leaves - oh my goodness. Mom loved her Thai food experience. Then the dessert we had last night at the conference meal was an apple mouse in an almond brittle bowl - oh my goodness. Top 3 desserts I have ever had in my life...#1 was the cheesecake in NYC in this little cafe. Anyway, I've eaten well, shopped well, exercised well, back is so hurting this morning...but...oh, and for Laura there are cows everywhere! :) They sell them for charity - after they are painted - like the swans in Lakeland.
Anyway, one more day then home to watch House.


Laura said...

oh yeah, thanks for thinking of me on your trip!! that is one fabulous cow!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for cows! We have gators like that in Naples :)