Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, I am using the latter part of this evening "dating" my computer. No, not online dating - just spending quality time with my computer. Listening to the Shanes right now, looking for a couple of songs to download this weekend, scrolling through blogs, typing out emails...Good quality evening.
Here is a MUST READ BLOG, and subsequent links you must read in the somewhat near future. (even if you aren't a girl - this post has nothing to do with being a girl, but about serving a sovereign God).

Also, I wanted to post the words to one of the songs I heard last night...

Arise - by the Shanes (sorry for the format below, I just cut and paste)

arise and awaken He is king He is king arise, my soul awaken all flesh is grass surely fading (fast) oh soon, it's all gone, we'll fly away oh soon, it's gone, it's gone
You are the maker, life sustainer everything comes and everything goes when you give the word of mercy, oh lord satisfy, You and i arise my soul awaken that i might see and be happy all my day show
long will there be mourning? return to us return to us teach me to number my days at the most 80 years who cares about meaningless things? i do i care about R-2and i care about yahoo things that are fleeting, fading away awaken my soul awaken my soul

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