Friday, September 29, 2006

Tigers, Fighting, Reading, Striving

Yesterday - just b/c I didn't want to blog right before going to bed b/c it was late.
Auburn got a run for their money down in Cock land. It came down to the last play - sorry Steve, try harder next time. We'll hopefully tame the Tigers in a couple weeks for ya.
Time in the Word was good. It had been a battled day at work yesterday with a co-worker. Gave in - but should have just ignored her, answered kindly, God against my foes. Ps 53. He is my salvation and my deliverer. Let Him do it. I don't need to fight. Most of the time I fight wrong anyway.
I fight for my interests and not theirs (Phil 2).
1 Tim 2 - the beginning of the chapter is bookended with commands to pray. I haven't been doing that much lately. We are commanded to because God's glory and for the salvation of the world - therefore, we should pray.
Then I read the Christ-hymns and started reading again in Piper's Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ I read that back in 2001 and now I'm reading it again. I can't believe its been that long ago that I read it. My second year of seminary, 2 years of being in NC. Now that all that may be coming to a close - I'm reading it again. I read it on SEBTS's grounds - looking around, striving, when I should just be thirsting and seeking the only thing that will satisfy me and never let me down - GOD and HIS GLORY. is Friday - praise God! Work, Yoga, eating at Carolina Cafe with one of my girls - Go Maggie, finally, Harris Teeter to pick up a few things for brunch tomorrow, then home to read and go to bed so I can get up early for cycle and brunch.
HAppy Friday

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