Sunday, September 24, 2006

Productive weekends

Weekend was pretty productive.
Friday night I hung out in Raleigh with Terah and Nicole. We had great conversation, food, and shopping at Crabtree, Ruby Tuesdays (with their great pumpernickel croutons), and JCrew.
Saturday was great with a cycle class, Wal-Mart, eating at City Beverage in Durham (a great new find if a little expensive) with Claudia. Talked to the waiter about FL football (he went to high school with Chris Leak). Then came home to clean my room (goodness I can see the floor) and talk with my roomie, and then watch the GATORS WIN!!! They are 3-0. Unfortunately so are the 4 teams above them in the polls. But, hopefully we'll take care of Auburn in a few weeks. Tebow is a great guy - freshman from Nease High School. He ran for 62 yards in three plays. Wow! At one point the crowd started booing the Heisman candidate - Leak when they brought him back in. Good gracious! But, then they started cheering for him again. That is good.
Sunday was good - meeting new students at College Life at Cole Mill. Then church and out to eat with a friend from seminary. The came home to cook for Bible study on Ruth tonight, watch the Bucs lose to Carolina (but no wonder - Chris Simms had a ruptured spleen afterwards).
The Bible study went well. About 5 girls for discussion on Ruth. We ate dinner, talked, got to know each other - then studied the word together. We're going to do it next month too over White Chicken Chili. YUM!
Anyway - now I gotta go back to work tomorrow...whooohoooo!

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