Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturdays are partly made for music and sports

Why can't every day be a Saturday? Or even a Friday night. They are soon becoming my favorite days. Its the first job in a while that I've had where I haven't been on call. So, I'm not worried about being called into work. Its very nice. I know it will change when I start working at W-S again for the holidays, but that will only be for a short period of time.
I woke up this morning, ate some breakfast, listening to music, checked email, chilling before cleaning and cooking for my girls at a brunch later this morning. Then I'll go exercise, then watch my GATORS play against Alabama - they better air that game up here and not some dinky UNC or NCSU game, certainly they wouldn't air the Duke/Navy game.
But, reading the Word this morning too.
Ps 55
The art of casting. Why do I always take my burdens to somewhere else (or someone else literally) before I take it to God. He's the only One who can really help anyway. But, I tend to find comfort and sympathy from earthly things that are fleeting.
"Whisper peace to me" - an FFH song I'm listening to right now - Tired of my reflection, blinded by my own perception - need to see you clearer,
1 Tim 2 - I could see how that passage could be taken wrong - but not if you see Scripture clearly and rightly. God's intention and will from the beginning in Gen 1 - we ruined fellowship. But, we need to be seen as women of God with good works - not adornment.
"Gifted Response" - Matt Redman. That says it all - we can't come to by our own merit. We can only do any good work (Eph 2.10) by the work of Jesus on the cross. We can't do any good on our own. We'll sing the glory of your name, the glories of your grace, we will worship you, we'll make your praise all glorious, sing songs of everlasting praise - we will worship (what we deem worth praise) you.

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