Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years, Shanes, Football, Baking

I'm not going to make all of this blog emotional, being that this is the 5th anniversary of Sept 11. But, I think some things need mentioning:
1. God is still on his throne.
or the lives of the families that did the attacks and suffered in the attacks. Many moms, dads, brother, sisters, daughters, sons, etc were lost in that day.
3. Thank God that we do live in a free country.
4. Remember throughout the history of our country - the lives that have been lost to preserve that freedom.
I do remember where I was. I was in my dorm room, then at the bank watching the news, then I spent the day at Randy's just watching it over and over again. That is all I could do. There is only one other event in my life that I remember what I was doing. January 1986 - I was on the soccer field at LCS when the Challenger exploded. You do remember.

Now, onto the rest of the weekend.
GATORS won, all ACC Carolina teams lost.
Bucs got killed - they should have just gone home, but they were playing at home. It was miserable for them.
But, the Colts won last night and Carolina lost - that does make for a 66% great day in football!

The Shanes was amazing last night. They played a couple of new songs:
Arise - which is on their live album which I don't have, so that was great.
Jesus Come - "may the vision of you be the death of me"
A song based on Gal 3.13ff, "Embracing Accusation" We are dead - then JESUS! What a phenom song - sorry if you missed it because you didn't want to go to a "bluegrass" concert. You really missed out. Came by myself but randomly found these girls that I had met a few weeks ago in Wal-mart, a YP that goes to Grace Church in CH, and Jenn and Ben. Good night - long concert - but well worth it.

Baked this weekend
1. A Paula Deen pound cake which was delicious. Had a small bite while it was warm then took it to college on Sun am. It was gone - so at least I didn't eat it. But, I used my great new pan and that made it turn out great!
2. Baked cookies yesterday for a meeting tonight. Double chunk peanut butter blossoms. Had a bite of one, threw some out so I wouldn't eat them, brought the rest to work and to the meeting tonight.
Even though I love to bake, I've learned not to eat as much either! :)

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation"

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