Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Consider Their Ways...

Hebrews 13.7
Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.
There is another verse I was looking for for this post, somewhere in Paul's letters - something about imitate me as I follow after Christ - but I couldn't find the reference. Not all of these women are my leaders, but in all of them I want to consideer their way of life and imitate their faith. This list isn't finished - but these are the ones I am thinking of today...
Who do you want to be like? Of course - we want to be like Christ...but who on earth do you want to be like. I want the girls that I disciple to see things in me that makes them want to be more like Christ. Most times I fail miserably - but other times, hopefully by the grace of God, I show them Christ.
As I was thinking about this yesterday, I wanted to give you some women that I want to be like - all for different reasons...
Here they are:

Mom - I want to have her selfLESSness and do-for-others-ness. That is so unlike me and the part of my life and discipline where I struggle the most.

Phyllis - Her knowledge of the Word, living it out, and love for her family. The way she actively pursues the Word, time with God, praying for her family, etc. She has taught me that the most (even above all the good recipes) over the past 12 years.

Laura - http://www.loloschpadora.blogspot.com/ - her creativity, both with her art and the way she is raising her son. She has got to be the most creative person I know - so talented at everything she puts her hands on. If I had one pinky full of the creativity that Laura has - just think of how much I could do...

Kimmie - I have known this woman since I was about 10 - she is only I think 2 years older than me. But, as I was thinking about her yesterday (she is what sparked this whole blog), I know that everytime I think of her I think of Christ. In her pictures, at her wedding, at summer camp all those years ago, with her family, doing ministry at (yuck) FSU, in everything for her - CHRIST. Her eyes, smile, posture, demeanor - everything CHRIST. I'm not exaggerating this at all. It is all by GRACE. She is amazing. I haven't seen her now probably since her wedding which was 10 years ago, but I have kept up with her somewhat through family friends and email. But, just to watch her life from a distance is an encouragement. Thank you Kimmie.

Now, here's my charge to me and to you (whoever is reading this). What am I doing right now to take after these women? Am I memorizing Scripture and praying for others like Phyllis? Am I living for others and serving them like my Mom? Am I doing anything with creativity like Laura? Am I living my whole life for Christ and showing Him to others like Kimmie?

Who do you want to be like? Women - who are you imitating as they imitate Christ? Men - do you have older/younger men in your life that you want to imitate as they follow hard after Christ? What are you doing to get there?

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Laura said...

awwww, thanks pal!!!!! i think you are mooooovelous! XOXO