Wednesday, September 27, 2006

United States, North Korea, and Religion

I found this article today on my yahoo site. Good article. I agree with them some. Read the article - then hear me out before judging.
Yes - there is an absolute that GOD is God and Jesus is the only way to get to God and have eternal life (John 14.6, many places in Isaiah - God will not give His glory to another - He is a jealous God).
No - we shouldn't go around killing Muslims just because they (some radical ones) kill other people. (I am not saying I disagree with the war in Iraq - I support it). But, just like we shouldn't kill abortion doctors just because they kill - we shouldn't kill Muslims just because they kill. We should let God be the "religion judge" (as the article says that we are).
Why not - evangelize them, love them, offer them grace, words of Truth, forgive them?
Remember - before grace - we were just like them - guilty and DEAD. We got grace! All to the praise of HIS GLORY!

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