Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blessed Saturday, Machen, and God's frustration with our listening skills

Oh, blessed Saturday - how I love them! Today I slept in a little bit, got up and was glad to have a friend over to help me pack my kitchen and we actually got most of it done! Hip hip hooray!
Then we went grocery shopping to My Harris Teeter and got starbucks for her b-day.
Now I'm back doing random things, talked to a friend, will soon take a shower, and go to said friend's b-day gathering at her house, then go to another friends house for dinner and chilling night.
Something I read this morning in a new Piper book I'm reading: (bought with a gift certificate someone gave me). Contending For Our All: Athanasius, Owen, & Machen. This was a quote by Machen:
Men tell us that our preaching should be positive and not negative, that we can preach the truth without attacking error. But if we follow that advice we should have to close our Bible and desert its teachings. The New Testament is a polemic book almost from beginning to end."
What a great thing about expository preaching today, not just "sharing words" to "tickle their ears" as so many of the EM churches and other churches (even tons of SBC churches) do today. I'm very thankful for a pastor who preaches the Word - not matter if it steps on toes or not. And as Voddie Baucham says, "if you can't say Amen, say Ouch!"

Anyway, back to Exodus: 16-18
16.3 - would we rather live in bondage and eat meat, or would we rather be free and wait for God to provide us unleavened bread? Oh, see the implications of that in our lives today:...
16.28 - How long will you refuse to keep my commandments and laws? Can't you hear the frustration in God's voice as He tells Moses this? Did He not just tell them how to work the manna - but do they we?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Johnny Carino's Birthday night

This is Gray, Erin (the birthday girl), Laura, and me. What a night!

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Night out with the girls!

This blog post has absolutely nothing spiritual in it. This was a fun night when we got together to celebrate Erin's birth day 20 years ago Monday. Gray and Laura showed up as a surprise - and we ate good food! Then we went to B&N.

There are a couple of pictures. When it was my birthday in January, Mollie and Reade gave me an Elmo hat to wear. Well, I bought Strawberry Shortcake hats to wear, and I would say my girls made more of a fuss about it then I did. They didn't stay on - only if we had smaller heads!

Then we took a normal picture!

Then Gray had just found out that her sister in Nashville is going to have a baby! She's going to be an Aunt. Auntie gray! She is so excited! So, we wanted to take a picture that Gray could send her sister to show her little niece or nephew how excited she was when she found out that his/her Mommy was pregnant.

It was a fun evening. I am definitely thankful that I have these three girls in my life and I have people as cool as them to hang out with and to pour my life and to share the blessings that God has lavished on me with. They are great. I love you girls!

Sad day, EM, grumbling Israelites...

What a sad day in the life of one BBC interviewee...this from Justin Taylor's blog today:

This has to be one of the saddest stories I've read in a while. The BBC reports that a woman in Scotland sought to abort her twins. Unbeknownst to the mother or to the doctors, one of the babies survied the attempted murder. So now the mother is suing the hospital for compensation, seeking damages for the "financial burden" or raising the child."I have got a child now that I wasn't planning to have and I believe the hospital should take some responsibility for that," she said."They should have known, or at least warned me, that I might still be pregnant when I left. It has totally changed my life and my parents' lives.(My emphasis.)
"I still don't know if, or what, I am going to tell Jayde when the time comes. Maybe when she is nine or 10 I will sit her down and explain it to her."Try to imagine that conversation. Then weep at the depravity. Then realize that we would act in such a murderous, self-centered way but for the grace of God. May we cling to the cross, and cry out to God for both mercy and justice. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Last night as you can see I read an article by an Emerging Church guy and commented on it. Someone said to me that the church had to change or die. The church has survived for 2000 years and isn't dead yet. I am not saying we don't need to change in how we do ministry within the church, we just can't change the TRUTH which we proclaim. It has to remain!

Exodus 14-15

14.4, 18 - And I will get glory over Pharaoh and all his host...Rom 3.5-8 (including the discussion from Bible study last night that if God gets glory even when we sin, than why not keep sinning...)

14.10 - Here God had called them out and freed them and led them - then one minor set back happens and they begin to fear man again (as we will see this happens quite often during their wanderings).

14.14 - The Lord will work for you today and fight for you - all you have to do is be silent. What a command of confidence in the call and person of God.

14.31 - They feared and believed...but that would be short lived. Do we always need a miracle like the parting of the red sea in order to fear and believe. We should live every day in fear and belief - or are we like the faithless generation who always looks for a sign.

Here are things Moses says about God in his song:

Triumped gloriously, my strength, song, salvation, my God and my father's God, man of war, LORD, glorious in power, greatness of your majesty, powerful breath, none like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in deeds and wonders, steadfast love, redeemer, reigns forever.

15.24 - My point - they just crossed the Red Sea, now they are grumbling because they don't have water - don't you know just cry out to God - He is your provider, He is the Living Water!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comments on the Emerging Church

Ok - so I am reading an article found here

So here are some thought from this article (so you may want to read the article as well):
1. Positive reaction - it depends on who you are talking to. Most people who care about conservative theology do not like the ECM - but who are they talking to?
2. "It is less about theological niceities and more about performing the gospel in a social setting." Did I really just read that? So what the church should care about it not what it teaches but how it teaches it? Now, I agree that the Bible should be taught in such a way that people understand it. But, the BIBLE should be taught - not thought, opinion, watered-down pithy stuff that people are teaching.
3. Comparing the ECM to the anabaptists - maybe in theory but not in what they were fighting for.
4. Rarely if ever does it deny truth? not of the stuff I've read...but I guess it depends on what truth ones deems as important - ALL OF IT!
5. I agree that we should be a missiona church. God created the whole person - and wants to be the LORD of the whole person.
6. If you are going to root your movement in the incarnate life of Jesus - than it must be the whole life of Jesus: the throwing out of tax collectors, the fussing at the Pharisees, the taking of the Law one step further, the cross (where SIN was defeated) - not just the "happy happy stories"
7. Ancient traditions are fine - multi-sensory worship is incredible. I think most people in our "churches" today believe that worship happens on Sunday mornings at 11:00 and is over at 12:00, and mostly the worship occurs for the first 20 minutes of singing and during the choir or solo special. Worship is a whole person (Rom 12.1-2) activity!
8. a "Generous orthodoxy" - one where they believe what they believe, but it is more generous in its acceptance (within the church) of different theologies. So, let's say, my theology says there are other ways to get to God - I don't need JEsus - Oh, yes you are welcome here, we will accept that as your orthodoxy? What??? So we have to be inclusional of orthodoxies even if those theologies go explicitely against the teachings of Scripture?
9. So, we are pious if we like the Bible. Basically...if we like the exposition of Scriptures and have a "lot of Bible in this spirituality." Nuf said. And yes I'm being sarcastic. Don't we want to know and breathe the very breath of God - 2 Tim 3.16-17
10. Yes, if we read the Bible to know what it says, we are to live it out in our community and relationships. If we don't - then we aren't reading the Bible accurately.
11. Good thought on that the EM is going to have to look at the rest of the Bible and not just the gospels. The WHOLE BIBLE is God breathed. Including the Romans part of sin, justification, and hell - the wages of sin is death.

So what are your thoughts?

Answer to prayer, Harvard, and tracking through the wilderness.

Well, I did get what I wanted - a day off! I went in to my old job this morning and told her that I had gotten a new one. She was fine with it for about 20 minutes, than she told me to go home. So I got to go to Bridalmart and try on a dress, talk to friends, eat lunch with one of my college girls, go shopping for necessary stuff, talk to other people...I've gotten a lot accomplished!
This is something on Justin Taylors' blog...(
Students are getting half an education at inflated prices and learning only how to label, dismiss and demonize ideas that differ from what they have been led to believe."
This was a quote by Thomas Sowell on the resignation of Harvard's president. Kinda goes back to the question I posed on here the other we sometimes want to get out of thinking for ourselves and by that go to a school where we know we won't be challenged. Just a thought for all of you in higher education out there.
Now, I guess we'll move on to Exodus today:

11.9 - God hardens Pharaoh's heart so that His wonders may be multiplied in the land. The Passover has to happen!
13.17 - The wilderness wasn't even the most direct route that God could have taken them on. They had to go that way so they wouldn't turn back. If God would ever take me on a direct route - would I find it so easy that I would turn back. But, faith, manna, trust, and companionship with a Most Holy God and His Spirit allow me to press on when the going gets tough.
13.22 - The presence of the Lord did not depart from in front of them. He never leaves (Hebrews).

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A new Job, Injustice, Tarheels and Gators, Exodus

I got a NEW JOB TODAY! Whoohoo - as I've been praying...I definitely want to be where God's favor is - and I think it is in this place. Definitely an answer to prayer! Thanks for favor!
Injustice - it is in your town, it is in my town. What are we doing about it? What would God want us to do about it? What is His heartbeat about it? I think part of it is answered by what we as as church body are doing, The Summit Church - focusing on Durham (and of course the world).

Go the Tarheels! Whooping up on in triangle war team - the Pack! But, my Gators couldn't pull out a victory in bball tonight - but, we are higher in the ranks than UNC and we beat UT in football and that is really the only sport that matters in the Good state!

Now onto Exodus:
8.15 - That is what we often do. We sin, receive grace, but then we go right back to the same old sin again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free day, Idol, Pharaoh and excuses, and a thought provoking question

Well, this is my first day since being back from Thailand (1/19) where I have had absolutely nothing to do after work. What a break. I should be in bed now, but while I was doing stuff, I watched American Idol. Definitely thought 01 was the best, but Simon had other plans. She has a great voice though - and he did think she was good.
Did some packing, working on my computer - there will come some time in the near future where I will not have it because it will be getting fixed, talked about wedding stuff with MG (great bridesmaid's dress though) - whoohoo, cooked some dinner, ate some Samoas Edy's Grand Light icecream! Downloaded the latest episode of House, because I missed it on Monday night for choir practice.
Now back to my regularly scheduled hectic day tomorrow. Nothing out of the ordinary: work, Duke for interviews, work, BSU, Choir practice, Bible study, home, sleep...
Thinking...when you are being pressed by authorities with something you don't believe in, does your brain stop - oh, wait, I want out, or do you stop and think and really work through the problem, take a look at Scripture, and stand up for what you believe? Anyway - just a question to think about.

Now, onto Exodus...where I will be for a few weeks - this is a long book:

4.11 - so many times we offer excuses - and so many times He offers up Himself - just like in Job here. Who is man?
4.14 - How often does God get angry at my excuses that I offer up when I don't want to obey Him: like when I want to eat good ice cream even when I'm not hungry, or sleep a few minutes later even though I need to spend time in the Word, or...(the list could go on and on).
4.21 - Why didn't God just make Pharaoh let them go? He wanted to show His greater glory. The people of God would never have had a glimpse of the Passover - wouldn't have had a better understanding of the Cross (through their history), if God didn't do this thing: hardening Pharaoh's heart over and over again.
6.12, 30 - You would think after 2 chapters Moses would stop making excuses and believe, but that isn't quite the case. How many chapters will it take me?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Shortened because I didn't want to type it all over

Well, that was definitely the first whole blog I lost, so I am not writing it again. To sum it all up, it has been an extremely rough day, I am definitely ready for a new day (lam 3) and also wish I could just have 5 days of pure rest just to read, read, read, and read some more.
God is good and as the song we sang tonight in choir "My Life is in Your Hands" and "My Help" - they are both so true.

Reading in Exodus tonight

1-3 -

1.12 - I wonder if they were fearful of the God of the Israelites more than the Israelites themselves
2.23-25 - God never quits listening to the pleas of His children who are crying to Him for help. He hears the cries of the humble.
3.15 - Funny...the eternal name of God stands eternally. It seems like we would always get it then - but oh how we forget. God - daily remind us that Your NAME stands forever - and You are eternal.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Body, 1000 Tongues, & the SNOGS!

As always - the worship today (both Word and song) were great at the Summit. One of the best sermons I've heard in a while on the Body and Communion. Good job JD! Find the link to the sermon over to the right where it says The Summit Church. As always, Chris was good (and Jason!)
One of the lines in O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing "My gracious Master and My King assist me to proclaim" reminds me everytime that even my worship is not doable on my own. I wouldn't even be able to worship if it wasn't for the amazing grace of God in my life. I'm glad he lets me! :)
Now onto Song of Solomon, or as Rachael says it "Canticles" or as Matt Redman put it one time in an interview "Snog of Snogs" - and it wasn't a typo.


1.4 - This is what God has already done through Christ: drawn me unto Himself, takes us on a journey, and let us come into His presence - His chambers - into the intimate place!
1.12 - Nard - just like the expensive ointment that was poured over Jesus' feet in the gospels.
2.4 - He brought me to the banqueting house "table" as the song goes - and His banner over me is love. The banner over the cross was glory - displaying itself in love.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who cares about marital status

Ok - so why is that as women in most churches and ministries, our identity in Christ is based on our status as single or married? I've been thinking about that a lot. We have most women's ministries in our churches geared for married women with kids. That is what our illustrations are about, our Bible studies are about. We have single women classes, discussing ways on how to be single for the glory of God or on how to wait patiently until we are married. We have seminars and Bible studies and conferences about how to love your husband, but they are geared to the whole church. Why don't we have conferences on how to love God more - no matter if we are single or married or divorced or widowed or whatever. Whatever happened to being a woman FOR God, not a single woman for the glory of God. It seems like when we are single in the church everyone is asking us - well, why aren't you married? Who are you dating? Why don't you just ask me Who is God to you right now - how are you serving Him and His body?

Random thoughts for today.

A Hope Deferred

I'm going to blog my "sermon" notes while listening to Carolyn McCulley's "A Hope Deferred talk on singleness. Carolyn is a single ministry to women person at Josh Harris' church in MD. Her blog is and it is great.
Do I know if I am going to get married - no. The only thing I miss about not being a couple is that you usually don't get to hang out with couples. As all of my friends get married your circle gets smaller of people you can just call up and hang out with because most of those people go out with other couples. I'm learning that right now. But, this too shall pass. But, seriously, who knows if that is a hope that God has given me.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dolly Parton, PSS, Esther, The WEekend, and Prayer

Why must we work? I mean, seriously, I'm not a lazy person since whoever is reading this probably knows me. I have a very strong work ethic - something my parents instilled in me growing up - but why must Iwork a 40 hr/wk job - that is just a job. I could find some many better ways to spend my time if I was just independently wealthy. I could do ministry. Once God called me into ministry that is what I thought I would spend my life doing - not working a "just a job" and using every spare minute outside of that cramning in the ministry that I love to do. I was singing the Dolly Parton song "9-5" most of the day yesterday.
Anyway, went to a PSS Fundraiser banquet last night, which I ushered at ( It was great - just the people I met. I met people from Plant City who are now at the Summit, people who work for PSS who are going to be my upstairs neighbors, it was so cool, and then there were three Summit tables - Lord, thank you for letting me serve at a church who loves you and loves people here in Durham.
Busy, busy weekend. But, at least I'll spend it doing ministry and not being at "just a job". I'm going to enjoy it for all its worth, hanging in Wake Forest, cooking with girls, hanging out with 2 of my girls, eating lunch with another girl, playing with kids, and going to church. Can't wait. My two favorite days of the week are almost here.

Finishing Esther...

Prayer and the will of God...I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine's Mom had taken a turn for the worse and shouldn't live very much longer. As I got word, I began to pray the things he told us to pray for. I said this all, not with a shadow of doubt, but the very real knowledge that outside of a miracle, she would die, and graciously spend eternity in Heaven. As I was talking with Rachel about it this morning, I don't think that is not having faith, I know God is perfectly capable to heal Sandy from this liver disease, but I also know that He may not choose to. I do not know if He is willing. I do know however that He is in control and is sovereign over everything. I do not charge to know the Will of God - but know that it is perfect.

And in that I rest.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sleeping or the Word, ABC, and Esther

This is definitely one of those morning when I wish I could sleep in. Didn't get to bed until after midnight - nothing highly unusual, but I just wish I could sleep in sometime. Oh, well. Ain't going to happen this weekend.
This is also a day when I'm reminded of the Sean Cordell sermon I just listened to ( about the Word and how we think we need so much (sleep, tv, play time) other stuff other than being in the Word. I said that to myself as I passed by my bed this morning when I wish I could have just gotten back in it.
This morning my old youth group travels to WVA to Snowshoe for Skiquest 8 or 9 or something like that. They have been taking them since I was there. They are talking about the end times. Pray for safety this weekend, time in the Word, Mason (who is the youth pastor), and traveling safety. You can check them out at
On to Esther 4-7...
6.10 - Ah, the bitter agony of humiliation
6.11 - you know he had to say that with great sarcasm and disgust
More of Esther's characteristics: fasting person, intercessor, bold, not easily scared

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Great news, beauty, radiance, Hebrews, and Esther

Whoohoo - news! Actually this is from yesterday but I have pictures today! One of my best friends and my worship pastor are getting married. Red Sea parting miracle. Praise Jesus!

The first is his showing her off at choir practice where he got a standing ovation. Ps 34 and the radiance was a good illustration of the bottom picture of the gorgeous ring he gave her. The middle is of us - oh I'm so excited!

Bible study tonight was a gift of God. I hadn't prepared like a should, but God was still able to work. Teaching in Joel and focused on repentance. The kindness of the Lord, leads you to repentance is what Rom 2.4 says. I love Acts 3.19 - so that times of refreshing will come from the Lord. "Your beauty Lord, makes us stand in silence." I asked my girls this - does it? Do we see God's beauty and know His face that it makes us stand in silence and be able to take our eyes off of Him? Do we do it just to get blessed or because of the strength of His beauty? Obedience is better than sacrifice. That I may gaze upon the beauty of the Lord all the days of my life and inquire in His temple.

Catching up from yesterday:

Hebrews - the end of it

12.1-2 Perfect verse for Joel's people: let us lay aside every sin and weight that so easily tangles. Focus on Jesus. That is all

12.10 - but he disciplines us for our good, so that we may share in his holiness. That is why we go through tests and trials.

12.28 - Erin got this tonight - reverence and awe - but why - because our God is a consuming fire - consuming for His holiness not to be stripped away.

Esther 1-3

The beginnings of her character: beauty, obedience, boldness, favor, patience, strength

Monday, February 13, 2006

To all the Rogers in the world

I wrote this originally as an email this morning to my worship pastor at Anastasia Baptist who I worked under as his assistant in St. Augustine in youth ministry. This took place my freshman year of college, spring semester. Please stop and pray for Roger - wherever he may be. I don't even remember his last name

I just finished the first chapter of Piper's new book God is the Gospel and read a paragraph (excerpt from a JC Ryle sermon) that made me think of a middle school kid. This is when we were still in the old building, I had just started helping out and we had just split the jr/sr high and were still really small. You were up leading worship. There was this kid named Roger sitting off beside me and he said something like "this is boring" and I said something like this is what we'll be doing in heaven," and he said well that will be boring too. I knew then that He didn't know Christ, and I didn't seem him at all after that year, so I don't know where he is today, but this is what Ryle had to say:

"But alas how little fir for heaven are many who talk of going to heaven when they die, while they manifestly have no saving faith, and no real acquaintance with Christ. You give Christ no honor here. You have no communion with Him. You do not love Him. Alas, what could you do in heaven? It would be no place for you. Its joys would be no joys for you. Its happiness would be a happiness into whic you could not enter. Its employments would be a weariness and burden to your heart. Oh repent and change before it is too late."

Oh for Roger and all the others we know who do not know of this great surpassing treasure.

Mondays and a greater Hope

It is a Monday morning again. It just felt like it was a Monday - but here we are again, yet another Monday. The only reassuring thing is that I have a friend coming in town this week, some random things are taking place this week, and God's mercies are new every day, even Mondays.

Hebrews 10-11
10.1 - the law can never make perfect those who draw near - blood had to be shed.
10.14 - Once and for all.
10.19-25 - Commands: have confidence in the blood, draw near to the throne with confidence, hold fast to our confession, stir up each other, meet together with other believers, encourage one another.
11.25 - Moses would rather be an Israelite than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin. What a testimony to us today.
11.26 - He would rather have looked toward the coming Christ than all the wealth of Egypt. Again, do our lives profess that?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Speed skating fan?, Hebrews 7-9, church...

This will definitely be a two-parter today. This is pre-church this morning.
As I was watching the Olympics last night I just started laughing. Here was this 5000m speed skater whom I had never met, will never meet, don't know anything about save what the story ran on him prior to his race, but I was cheering for him. Just like I had known him forever. I was giddy when he won. I think it is just something about the American Spirit - only when the Olympics come on. I mean we watch the stupidest sports, cheer on people we don't know, just because they wear the American Flag. Why can't all the time be the Olympics - then we would probably be much more fans of our own country - despite everything else that is going on in the world. GO USA!

Hebrews 7-9
7.2 - Jesus is like unto Melchi - righteousness and peace.
7.18-19 - Since no one is perfect who can keep all the inths of the law, there is a better HOPE!
7.22 - JEsus is the guarantor - a perfectness for the new covenant!
7.25. The perfect intercessor - Jesus lives daily - even right now - on behalf of God's children - making intercessory prayer for them!
8.13 - Obselete and abolish - two different words?
9.12 - His blood secured eternal redemption.
9.14 - Once dead works - now serving the living God - all through the blood of Jesus!

Boy - how wonderful my personal worship was this morning before going into corporate worship. The music part of worship was the sermon this morning. It spoke much louder to me than the sermon did.
Heart of Worship - do we love the songs we sing more than the One we worship (inordinate love). Sitting down thinking that even the worship that I offer is like filthy rags because of my condition of death and sin. It is only made right by the blood of Jesus (hence Hebrews)
Another song
The Solid Rock - my High Priest lives to be the rock that is the only ground on which I have to stand. Everything else is sinking sand.
He Reigns Forever - The congregation engaged! It was amazing - they got who we were singing to. Then we did it half again - you are the High Priest and the one who is eternal and reigns forever.
Evermore - because of your death on the cross we have reason and hope to love, serve, bow to you forever - having a down posture of worship - bowed.
He Had Made Me Glad - you are my strength, my shield, my portion, deliverer, my shelter - all those things, including HIGH PRIEST!

Thank you for music to reiterate the Word!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Idolatry is easier than one thinks...

I found this quote on one of the blogs I read daily.

(the Bible's term for anything from which we seek to derive more satisfaction than God Himself).

I loved how idolatry was defined here. It makes it so much more clear that I am an idolater who seeks after things in this world to give me more pleasure than knowing that I can find TRUE Pleasure in the presence of God : not food, possessions, experience in worship, being popular, having a boyfriend, etc.

Just thought I would share.

The Other Romans - Hebrews 1-6

Ok - so finally it is Saturday and I've been busy all day. We had a mentoring brunch this morning and then I had to do some grocory shopping for cooking with some girls tonights - then I went and changed apts, exercised, packed the movies up and some other stuff - now I'm sitting down.
Waiting maybe for some snow. As long as Michelle can get here and I can get to church in the morning - that is all that matters!
But, I didn't get to the time in the Word yesterday, so we'll go for catching up today. Then on to some other thoughts as well.

Hebrews 1-6
1.2-4 - 1 of the 4 Christ hymns in the NT. This is a great one. Words - created things and hold things in their place. Radiance of God's exact glory!
1.3b - Our purification for our sins is done. It says after he was finished making purification for our sins. There is nothing else we can do to help it or contribute to it. It is done. Just like Christ said on the cross.
2.3 - Why don't people listen - here is the warning. How shall we escape the wrath of a just and holy God since we are neglecting His priceless salvation that is free for the taking.
2.9 - He was crowned with glory because of the suffering of death. This was/is part of His crowning glory. He wouldn't be Jesus without this. He IS to do this. God had it planned out before the foundations of the world. The Son, before He created, knew that He would die for the very thing He was creating. The words that He would speak to create, we would use the same communication to crucify and blaspheme Him. And yet He did.
2.14-15 - The only way to conquer death was to die. He did that even though He didn't have to because He was perfect. Yet, so we could have peace by knowing that death was not the victor - He did it.
3.13 - This is why you have people around you: "exhort every day, so that none of you may be hardened to the deceitfulness of sin." Thank you Rachael, Mollie, Phyllis.
4.12 - I love this verse - of the truthfulness and painfulness of Scripture. Of the very Word of God. It discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart. I may be able to hide it from others but there is no hiding it from God because He is God, but also because He has given us His Word.
4.14-16 Because we have a High Priest who has suffered under the same temptations we have - because of His work on the cross and the empty tomb - we HAVE TO approach the throne of grace with confidence. That we may receive mercy. Thank you for that ability to approach.
5.5 Christ did "self-appoint" Himself to be the High Priest, but His Father gave Him that Name.
5.7-10 - Because of His obedience - we have salvation.
6.13 - Since there is no one greater then Himself - He had to swear by Himself - knowing that He would pay the penalty for our sins! Go God! Gen 15

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ruth and obedience

This entry was going to be a lot longer, but instead it is just going to be my QT because I am tired - - - and I need to go to bed!

1.18 - The persisten obedience of one who hears the voice of God.
2.5 - Oh yeah, Ruth is being pursued - and here she was just working in the field being obedient to God.
2.14c - And she ate until she was satisfied, and she had some left over. Oh Lord, let me eat until I am satisfied, even if it means not cleaning my plate
3.11 - All my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman. May that reputation proceed me
Obedience and faith - God rewards - James 1, Rom 14.23 (Thanks John W)


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go and Sin no More

Oh the creeping on of sin. This is from a broadcast on Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh Demoss) with a person who was considering committing adultery. This of course goes for every sin. When I am tempted to eat too much, spend too much, sleep too much (see a pattern), it is usually because I haven't spent time in personal worship, reading the Word, and praying the Word back to its Writer. Read this and pay attention:

but really it was preceded by all the time I hadn’t spent in the Word and keeping my heart tender and broken before the Lord. I think that’s absolutely the most critical thing in protecting our marriage, is maintaining our individual time with the Lord, and I had chosen not to do that."

As Jesus said, go and sin no more!

Quote of the Day, Vanity Fair, Duke/UNC, Mark

Quote of the day:
"The more knowledge you have about your treasure, the more passionate you are about it." Of course, that comes from my fave author - John Piper. It was good to see him last night at the conference, worth the drive. This was at the end of a sermon about "teaching evangelism" in place of relational evangelism. Now, his passage, 2 Tim 2.24-26 had relationship stuff in it: love, peace, gentleness - all sandwiching "able to teach". He said in this world of pluralism and the emerging church (who doesn't stand on any propositions about Jesus, God, Truth, salvation, or hell - hardly), the world needs Christians, teachers, pastors, theologians who are going to teach the whole counsel of God just like Paul did late in his ministry in the book of Acts. That reminded me of how thankful I am for my pastor who does teach and brings theological terms and Greek and Hebrew text to the pulpit each week.

Vanity Fair, that comes out today, has Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johannsen on the front of it completely naked. In an interview I read yesterday the photographer said they were beautiful beings and they wanted to do this to let others see them. I don't disagree that their bodies are beautiful bodies - God created them and He is the Author of beauty, but that doesn't mean you need to pose nude for the front of a magazine cover!

College B-balls Biggest Rivalry - Duke/UNC - almost as big as the FSU/UF game in football, was last night. I got home for the most important part and definitely watched the last 3 minutes of the game. It was good. What happened with that inside shot with like 18 seconds left when the Heels were down by three - what were they thinking. I think Roy was definitely thinking that as well.

Alright - on to the important stuff: Mark 15-16 - the end of Mark

15.15 - Oh, how I am so often like Pilate - wanting to please the crowd. We can not serve two masters. If we love the world we are enemies with God.
15.20 - These soldiers were doing everything we do today, bowing, calling out, but they often were like many of today - mocking it. We may not openly be mocking Jesus because we know His life to be the truth - but we may mock it with our lives just like Pilate did in the verse above.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shane and Shane, Ps 13, and Mark 13-14

Eyes are tired this morning - even though I am rather warm. Guess I can't have both! :)
Listening to Psalm 13 right now by Shane and Shane. Good stuff. It is on the Psalms album and probably others. But, the reason I am listening to it is b/c I was reading a blog entry from yesterday from Bob Kauflin ( and he wrote on this Psalm:
David’s response is as exemplary as it is rare. Rather than curse God, turn to his own resources, or seek relief by indulging his flesh, he appeals to the only One who can deliver him – God Himself. His prayer is simple, undemanding, and honest: keep me alive. How often my list of what I want God to do reveals my self-centeredness rather than a humble faith. Do I really think God knows what is best; or do I suspect He could benefit from my counsel?
How often do I tell God what I think I need instead of just pouring out myself to Him and remembering Rom 8.32 and knowing what is before that verse in Rom 8.1-31. Oh, that I might know that today. Knowing that He has the best in mind for us because He has Himself in store for us. May we long for His presence. David remembers this at the end of the Psalm:
“I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” David realizes that his present circumstances are overshadowed by the mercy and grace God has already shown him.
Last night was a great night at worship choir: college style. We finally sang the 'I will rejoice' song with them. Oh, how I love that song - because it reminds me of the truth that is above. Thanks Lord for giving that song first to the Psalmist and then to Carol Cymbala. Then we finished with All Fall Down - which is another amazing song. I love singing harmony - it is much cooler than the melody. That song has really cool harmony, but better yet, it has biblical words: Phil 2.11 - "All bow down, kings will surrender their crowns," and also Rom 2.11 "princes and paupers, sons and daughters..." All will do it, not just some - ALL

Mark 13-14
13.10 - Another song I'm listening to is "You Said" and then I read this verse. Lord, give us the nations - us being those are called according to your purpose and seek your glory.
14.3 - "pure nard, very costly, and broke it" - First, we don't think nard sounds very costly. but, then it was to her, it cost her about a year's wages. And she broke it. She didn't keep the bottle, she didn't pour half of it - she broke it and it went over her Saviors feet.
14.56 - Many people can saw false stuff about Jesus - but they are not going to line up in the end - the TRUTH will be revealed for all to see and I know who will REIGN forever as TRUE KING
14.72 - Do I weep when I deny Jesus?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Post-Football season & Temples of Prayer

Well, I was right...Pittsburgh did score 21 points, I was just wrong on Seattle's - (sorry Bob). To be honest I really didn't even watch most of the game. I was watching something else and kept turning it over there. But from what I saw it wasn't that exciting of a game. But, truly a sad day. It is the end of football season as I know it until next August. And then MNF is moving to ESPN - what is up with that. I hope less people watch it, then after many years of their contract, they will move it back to a non-cable station.

Mark 11-12
These pictures up here illustrate very clearly part of the passage of Mark 11. This is in Chiang Mai as Chris (my worship pastor) and Angie (our children's director) sit praying over the temple. This was another one of the verses that came to mind when I was there. Many people were selling things, both in and outside of the temple. This was not was the temple (or the church) was made for. It was made for prayer - for worship. This is it. For His glory!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chiang Mai Temple overlook

This is taken from the Buddhist temple on the mountain overlooking the city. As soon as I got up there I thought of the verse below in Mark. How these were lost sheep without a Shepherd. A dead god, Buddha, can't lead you. Only a risen GOD can lead you. This was a sad overlook...but beautiful.

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SuperBowl, Stupid Sheep, and Mark

Alright, let me get this out before the kick off begins, then I gotta do my quiet time and then watch the big game.
Seattle - 24
Pittsburgh - 21

Alright, don't ask me how close it is going to be, but in honor of Bob Bacon - go Seattle!

Today's church time was good. Teaching went well. Worship from the back instead of the front was great. More freedom I felt sitting in the back...good sermon...
Ok - as I write this...the Star Spangled Banner is being horribly sang...oh well, just my opinion! And Condi Rice is at the Super Bowl...go figure.

As I've been telling a friend lately - don't go on how you feel but on what you know. Know that Jesus is real and has risen from the grave and that is why our lives are not in vain - but we have resurrection power in us to die to sin each day. That is what I taught the girls this morning.

Alright - now on to Mark 6-10

6.6 - All because of our unbelief. He was probably wondering what they couldn't believe. Here He was doing all this stuff - preaching - and they wouldn't believe - not even when He healed the sick and caused the blind to see. Many didn't even believe after He rose from the dead. Many still don't believe today. One day - they will (Phil 2.11)
6.34 - Just like this picture above from Thailand - when I was on the temple mount looking out over Chiang mai - this is the verse I thought of. How Jesus looked on the people with compassion because they were stupid - Sheep - without a shepherd. 7.6,7 - Oh what great words from the prophet Isaiah - right here. Lip service, adultery in their heart, vanity in worship, proclaiming lies over truth - all false worship.
8.13f - How did the disciples still not understand who they were with and what He came to do. Not only to feed the masses - but to Feed them with the Bread of Life. Here they had just seen 9000 people fed with very little, and then they were complaining and worried that the 12 of them didn't have enough bread on the boat. Oh, what little faith.
8.34-37 - sOme of the hardest discipleship words of Scripture. Some Jim Elliot lived out well - as we see in the movie The End of the Spear (
10.23-24 - Oh the difference of one word - have and trust. We can have riches, but Jesus says not to place our trust in our possessions.
10.48 - When people tell you to be quiet about your faith - be like this bling man here in Mark - "but he cried out all the more!"

Saturday, February 04, 2006

worship, augustine, and pride

So...this weekend has been one of head nods and screams. Let me explain.
A great night last night. Ate dinner with one of the people in my Bible study who also happens to be from Florida so you know she is cool. Talked to my friend Michelle while I drove (and my Mom). Then after a volunteer's meeting at Southeastern, I went to Starbucks to hang out with two friends of mine whom I hadn't seen in a while. They are great. Two people that if you haven't seen them in a while, you feel like you can just go back and catch right up like you had never been apart. Then I dealt with the phone company some more, spent the night at Rach's on the couch and woke up this morning.
Went to the 20/20 conference. Cool part was seeing friends and listening to Nelson and Schemm. Nelson gave some good insight into Augustine's idea on ordinate and inordinate love in The City of God. This is a siting what Bob Kauflin ( used on his: This is what my fave prof had to say today:
Worship is the human response to the self-revelation of the triune God, which involves: (1) divine initiation in which God graciously reveals himself, his purposes, and will; (2) a spiritual and personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ enabled by the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and (3) a response by the worshiper of joyful adoration, reverence, humility, submission and obedience. (David Nelson, Authentic Worship, Herbert W. Bateman, ed., p. 149)

then I was all excited to go the choir retreat, which we are learning fantastic new music from Christ Church Choir from TN ( But, soon after walking in, got focused on self and how other people weren't focused on me, so then the Spirit did some convicting. It was hard for me even to sing the words "He lives, he lives" - I know He does, but sometimes I live too and that doesn't make for anyone's Joy! Secret sins, sins that aren't tangible...oh, the Spirit has to work hard on those. Anyway, so now I am home and I have get to teach a Bible study in the morning on pride and comparison. Good thing I'm an expert.

Anyway, I'll shoot off thoughts from that and my time in the Word later on tonight.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Kindness, Super bowl 1, & Mark on Faith

Good Bible study last night with my M and R group. Had a good teacher! Very much like I would have taught - so I get a lot out of that style of teaching. Good questions raised by the people in the group.
Rom 2.4 - oh what a great verse, that I think everything in Romans points back to. "The kindness of God has led you to repentance." Not our repentance has led us to the kindness of God, but God INITIATED kindness - its all about God - Paul likes to keep reminding us of that!

Super Bowl time is almost upon us. I will be packing, exercising, cooking, then sitting down to watch it by myself! Praise God - no one talking during the game :) Just good ole football!

Mark 4-5
4.17 - Oh may we be strong in the Word and in the Spirit so that when temptation and persecution comes we don't fall away. So many of us are only rooted right below the ground. Grow us deep - grow me deep!
4.40 - Have you still no faith? After all the disciples had seen - they still had such little faith? W haven't seen anything...face to face at least - Thank you for faith and the promise that we will one day see clearly - not in a mirror!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

More on Friendship and Mark

Boy, not much time has passed since my last posting. I pray God to multiply my sleep because I didn't get much of it.
Still on the thought of enjoying fellowship with our Father. I enjoyed my shower this morning, I enjoy hanging out (at least with most people) :) I enjoy football. I enjoy worship. Please, Dad, make my personal time with you something I thoroughly enjoy not just something I do. Create a burning passion in me, so I yearn for you. (Shane and Shane song - oh my goodness, really cool).
As I start the gospels today, make them come alive (in view of the leprosy colony and seminary put together). Bring new stuff to mind today!

Mark 1-3
1.4 - This is a good place to get one's doctrine of baptism. One of "repentance and the forgiveness of sins" - Believers' baptism.
1.24 - Even as it says in james 2 - even the demons know about Jesus. here the demons who possess this man are clearly in complete and full knowledge as to who jesus is.
1.28 - And at once His fame spread. His fame spread - not just the miracle He performed. God - spread your fame throughout the world and start right here.
2.3 - I was reminded of a Greater Vision song as I read this verse and stopped to listen to it, "My Name is Lazarus" - good song, although fiction. This man had four friends who didn't doubt at all. Lazarus knew that God had brought him from death to life. Jesus has brought us all from death to life. Where is our faith when we are facing tough situations...
3.11 - Look - the demons are even bowing down before the Son of God out of fear that He would destroy them - because He had that power.

That may be all for in His friendship

Friendship, Psalms 25, and a real interview

Ok - so you need to go here and read this if you are any fan of CJ Mahaney, John Piper, or Justin Taylor, or just good stuff on church, mentoring, theology, and friendship.

Group went well tonight. Good bunch of girls even though we were missing quite a few. One thing I read that I said over to them was "prophets enjoyed the fellowship with their God". They enjoyed it, they relished it, it was good time to them. How often to do I come grudgingly into my time with God? Lord, put a craving in me that makes me just enjoy You!

Speaking of, Psalm 23-25 (and Chris even used that for choir practice tonight and then I used it to lead off the prayer time in our Bible study)

Ps 23.6 - As JD has been saying...goodness and mercy "haunt me" all the days of my life. Thank you Jesus for pursuing me, for not giving up on me, for dying for me, making that bridge possible to your Father.
24.1 - Everything is the Lord's - He created it, He owns everyone in the world. They will eventually recognize that. Lord -have your way.
24.4 - Who does not lift up his soul to what is false - anything that is not of you or what takes the place of you - your rightful place in my life - TOP PRIORITY
25.5 - the God of my salvation. First G0d, then Savior and Redeemer, however you never change. you were all these things at the same time!
25.8 - God's nature brings us to our recognition (through the haunting of the Spirit) of our sin. That is why the Law is there.
25.11 - Not for me, but for you, forgive my sins. so that your fame won't be injured in the world.
25.21 - For I wait for you - patience!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blankets & Showers, Paraphrase, Alito and Bush

This one will be rather quick this morning because of the first of the title up there. I woke up this morning, prayed with Rachael, then the blankets that I thanked God for were so warm, so...I stayed in bed. Woke up around 715. also, I don't have a headache this morning, so there may be something to that more sleep thing. Don't worry - I won't get used to it.
I just say the above it use everything that God gives us for HIS glory and never take it for granted. I was praying for the people in the world who don't have hot water to take a shower with on a cold day and I have 5 blankets and there are people that are sleeping outdoors with no heat and no blankets.
Last night's prayer meeting was definitely Eph 3.20 - OMGoodness. We had over 250 when normal prayer meetings ran abou 160 on a good night. Wow - Go God! Paraphrase - Rom 8.32 and Ps 34.1 - Because God gave us Jesus to die on the cross for us when we were still sinners, He will then freely give us all things; and I will bless the Lord at ALL times and His praise will continually be on my lips! What powerful verses!
I was thankful to see Judge Alito voted in yesterday and by such a large margin. It was interesting to half-heartedly watch the union speech last night. Most of the time it was a completely split half would stand, and when he was being sarcastic, the other half would stand. Our country is so divided. I likened it to Israel when they split over politicis in the 800s, it took captivity in the 500s to eventually bring them back together. God - heal our country.
Quiet times will come in a later post tonight! Have a great day! Praise God for the little things.