Saturday, February 04, 2006

worship, augustine, and pride

So...this weekend has been one of head nods and screams. Let me explain.
A great night last night. Ate dinner with one of the people in my Bible study who also happens to be from Florida so you know she is cool. Talked to my friend Michelle while I drove (and my Mom). Then after a volunteer's meeting at Southeastern, I went to Starbucks to hang out with two friends of mine whom I hadn't seen in a while. They are great. Two people that if you haven't seen them in a while, you feel like you can just go back and catch right up like you had never been apart. Then I dealt with the phone company some more, spent the night at Rach's on the couch and woke up this morning.
Went to the 20/20 conference. Cool part was seeing friends and listening to Nelson and Schemm. Nelson gave some good insight into Augustine's idea on ordinate and inordinate love in The City of God. This is a siting what Bob Kauflin ( used on his: This is what my fave prof had to say today:
Worship is the human response to the self-revelation of the triune God, which involves: (1) divine initiation in which God graciously reveals himself, his purposes, and will; (2) a spiritual and personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ enabled by the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and (3) a response by the worshiper of joyful adoration, reverence, humility, submission and obedience. (David Nelson, Authentic Worship, Herbert W. Bateman, ed., p. 149)

then I was all excited to go the choir retreat, which we are learning fantastic new music from Christ Church Choir from TN ( But, soon after walking in, got focused on self and how other people weren't focused on me, so then the Spirit did some convicting. It was hard for me even to sing the words "He lives, he lives" - I know He does, but sometimes I live too and that doesn't make for anyone's Joy! Secret sins, sins that aren't tangible...oh, the Spirit has to work hard on those. Anyway, so now I am home and I have get to teach a Bible study in the morning on pride and comparison. Good thing I'm an expert.

Anyway, I'll shoot off thoughts from that and my time in the Word later on tonight.

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Nena Thomas said...

Kim, read some scripture that really spoke to me and thought I would share it. Deut. 30:14 "But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it."

Just thought about this and how I am to be feasting on the word, obeying the word so that it is closed to my mouth and in my heart...which in turn I will be obeying or doing the word. Also made me think about all the things I do ingest instead of the word. Ya know. Just some of my random thoughts. Take it easy kiddo.