Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A new Job, Injustice, Tarheels and Gators, Exodus

I got a NEW JOB TODAY! Whoohoo - as I've been praying...I definitely want to be where God's favor is - and I think it is in this place. Definitely an answer to prayer! Thanks for favor!
Injustice - it is in your town, it is in my town. What are we doing about it? What would God want us to do about it? What is His heartbeat about it? I think part of it is answered by what we as as church body are doing, The Summit Church - focusing on Durham (and of course the world).

Go the Tarheels! Whooping up on in triangle war team - the Pack! But, my Gators couldn't pull out a victory in bball tonight - but, we are higher in the ranks than UNC and we beat UT in football and that is really the only sport that matters in the Good state!

Now onto Exodus:
8.15 - That is what we often do. We sin, receive grace, but then we go right back to the same old sin again.

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