Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blankets & Showers, Paraphrase, Alito and Bush

This one will be rather quick this morning because of the first of the title up there. I woke up this morning, prayed with Rachael, then the blankets that I thanked God for were so warm, so...I stayed in bed. Woke up around 715. also, I don't have a headache this morning, so there may be something to that more sleep thing. Don't worry - I won't get used to it.
I just say the above it use everything that God gives us for HIS glory and never take it for granted. I was praying for the people in the world who don't have hot water to take a shower with on a cold day and I have 5 blankets and there are people that are sleeping outdoors with no heat and no blankets.
Last night's prayer meeting was definitely Eph 3.20 - OMGoodness. We had over 250 when normal prayer meetings ran abou 160 on a good night. Wow - Go God! Paraphrase - Rom 8.32 and Ps 34.1 - Because God gave us Jesus to die on the cross for us when we were still sinners, He will then freely give us all things; and I will bless the Lord at ALL times and His praise will continually be on my lips! What powerful verses!
I was thankful to see Judge Alito voted in yesterday and by such a large margin. It was interesting to half-heartedly watch the union speech last night. Most of the time it was a completely split half would stand, and when he was being sarcastic, the other half would stand. Our country is so divided. I likened it to Israel when they split over politicis in the 800s, it took captivity in the 500s to eventually bring them back together. God - heal our country.
Quiet times will come in a later post tonight! Have a great day! Praise God for the little things.

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