Friday, February 24, 2006

Night out with the girls!

This blog post has absolutely nothing spiritual in it. This was a fun night when we got together to celebrate Erin's birth day 20 years ago Monday. Gray and Laura showed up as a surprise - and we ate good food! Then we went to B&N.

There are a couple of pictures. When it was my birthday in January, Mollie and Reade gave me an Elmo hat to wear. Well, I bought Strawberry Shortcake hats to wear, and I would say my girls made more of a fuss about it then I did. They didn't stay on - only if we had smaller heads!

Then we took a normal picture!

Then Gray had just found out that her sister in Nashville is going to have a baby! She's going to be an Aunt. Auntie gray! She is so excited! So, we wanted to take a picture that Gray could send her sister to show her little niece or nephew how excited she was when she found out that his/her Mommy was pregnant.

It was a fun evening. I am definitely thankful that I have these three girls in my life and I have people as cool as them to hang out with and to pour my life and to share the blessings that God has lavished on me with. They are great. I love you girls!

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