Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shane and Shane, Ps 13, and Mark 13-14

Eyes are tired this morning - even though I am rather warm. Guess I can't have both! :)
Listening to Psalm 13 right now by Shane and Shane. Good stuff. It is on the Psalms album and probably others. But, the reason I am listening to it is b/c I was reading a blog entry from yesterday from Bob Kauflin (www.worshipmatters.com) and he wrote on this Psalm:
David’s response is as exemplary as it is rare. Rather than curse God, turn to his own resources, or seek relief by indulging his flesh, he appeals to the only One who can deliver him – God Himself. His prayer is simple, undemanding, and honest: keep me alive. How often my list of what I want God to do reveals my self-centeredness rather than a humble faith. Do I really think God knows what is best; or do I suspect He could benefit from my counsel?
How often do I tell God what I think I need instead of just pouring out myself to Him and remembering Rom 8.32 and knowing what is before that verse in Rom 8.1-31. Oh, that I might know that today. Knowing that He has the best in mind for us because He has Himself in store for us. May we long for His presence. David remembers this at the end of the Psalm:
“I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” David realizes that his present circumstances are overshadowed by the mercy and grace God has already shown him.
Last night was a great night at worship choir: college style. We finally sang the 'I will rejoice' song with them. Oh, how I love that song - because it reminds me of the truth that is above. Thanks Lord for giving that song first to the Psalmist and then to Carol Cymbala. Then we finished with All Fall Down - which is another amazing song. I love singing harmony - it is much cooler than the melody. That song has really cool harmony, but better yet, it has biblical words: Phil 2.11 - "All bow down, kings will surrender their crowns," and also Rom 2.11 "princes and paupers, sons and daughters..." All will do it, not just some - ALL

Mark 13-14
13.10 - Another song I'm listening to is "You Said" and then I read this verse. Lord, give us the nations - us being those are called according to your purpose and seek your glory.
14.3 - "pure nard, very costly, and broke it" - First, we don't think nard sounds very costly. but, then it was to her, it cost her about a year's wages. And she broke it. She didn't keep the bottle, she didn't pour half of it - she broke it and it went over her Saviors feet.
14.56 - Many people can saw false stuff about Jesus - but they are not going to line up in the end - the TRUTH will be revealed for all to see and I know who will REIGN forever as TRUE KING
14.72 - Do I weep when I deny Jesus?

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