Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who cares about marital status

Ok - so why is that as women in most churches and ministries, our identity in Christ is based on our status as single or married? I've been thinking about that a lot. We have most women's ministries in our churches geared for married women with kids. That is what our illustrations are about, our Bible studies are about. We have single women classes, discussing ways on how to be single for the glory of God or on how to wait patiently until we are married. We have seminars and Bible studies and conferences about how to love your husband, but they are geared to the whole church. Why don't we have conferences on how to love God more - no matter if we are single or married or divorced or widowed or whatever. Whatever happened to being a woman FOR God, not a single woman for the glory of God. It seems like when we are single in the church everyone is asking us - well, why aren't you married? Who are you dating? Why don't you just ask me Who is God to you right now - how are you serving Him and His body?

Random thoughts for today.

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Mayden's Voyage said...

Great post...good question!
Why does marriage matter, to any of us? Why do we inch our way up to adult-hood looking, looking, and looking for that person to share our life with, when the person of Christ is Who we should be looking to-to begin with. I suppose it has something to do with the God-sized void in each of us...and since this longing is not unique in humans-it is something speakers can find a large audience for. I remember one day in a Bible study I was leading, I asked the ladies to consider the ways we greet each know, "How are you?" "What is going on in your life?" blah, blah, blah...
I said, "For once, I would like to greet you with, --What did God say to you this morning?" I am more interested in what He said, than in what you have to say." They laughed, but knew I was serious.
What would it be like, if everyday we chose to inquire about how and what God speaks to the people around us, rather than talking about the weather!
I will add this bit though...about marriage. I, like most people, have a hard time seeing "me" the way Jesus sees me. I am critical of myself, quick to heap coals on my head, and the first one to jump up and tell you how stupid I am. It was not until I married, until I lived with a man who loved me unconditionally, that I have begun to see myself the way my Creator does. He is much more forgiving than I am, and I am not sure how I would have ever seen that if not through the eyes of my husband.
Husband or not though, KD, I think you are wonderful and I am glad to have you for a friend!
-Cora :)