Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Other Romans - Hebrews 1-6

Ok - so finally it is Saturday and I've been busy all day. We had a mentoring brunch this morning and then I had to do some grocory shopping for cooking with some girls tonights - then I went and changed apts, exercised, packed the movies up and some other stuff - now I'm sitting down.
Waiting maybe for some snow. As long as Michelle can get here and I can get to church in the morning - that is all that matters!
But, I didn't get to the time in the Word yesterday, so we'll go for catching up today. Then on to some other thoughts as well.

Hebrews 1-6
1.2-4 - 1 of the 4 Christ hymns in the NT. This is a great one. Words - created things and hold things in their place. Radiance of God's exact glory!
1.3b - Our purification for our sins is done. It says after he was finished making purification for our sins. There is nothing else we can do to help it or contribute to it. It is done. Just like Christ said on the cross.
2.3 - Why don't people listen - here is the warning. How shall we escape the wrath of a just and holy God since we are neglecting His priceless salvation that is free for the taking.
2.9 - He was crowned with glory because of the suffering of death. This was/is part of His crowning glory. He wouldn't be Jesus without this. He IS to do this. God had it planned out before the foundations of the world. The Son, before He created, knew that He would die for the very thing He was creating. The words that He would speak to create, we would use the same communication to crucify and blaspheme Him. And yet He did.
2.14-15 - The only way to conquer death was to die. He did that even though He didn't have to because He was perfect. Yet, so we could have peace by knowing that death was not the victor - He did it.
3.13 - This is why you have people around you: "exhort every day, so that none of you may be hardened to the deceitfulness of sin." Thank you Rachael, Mollie, Phyllis.
4.12 - I love this verse - of the truthfulness and painfulness of Scripture. Of the very Word of God. It discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart. I may be able to hide it from others but there is no hiding it from God because He is God, but also because He has given us His Word.
4.14-16 Because we have a High Priest who has suffered under the same temptations we have - because of His work on the cross and the empty tomb - we HAVE TO approach the throne of grace with confidence. That we may receive mercy. Thank you for that ability to approach.
5.5 Christ did "self-appoint" Himself to be the High Priest, but His Father gave Him that Name.
5.7-10 - Because of His obedience - we have salvation.
6.13 - Since there is no one greater then Himself - He had to swear by Himself - knowing that He would pay the penalty for our sins! Go God! Gen 15

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