Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comments on the Emerging Church

Ok - so I am reading an article found here

So here are some thought from this article (so you may want to read the article as well):
1. Positive reaction - it depends on who you are talking to. Most people who care about conservative theology do not like the ECM - but who are they talking to?
2. "It is less about theological niceities and more about performing the gospel in a social setting." Did I really just read that? So what the church should care about it not what it teaches but how it teaches it? Now, I agree that the Bible should be taught in such a way that people understand it. But, the BIBLE should be taught - not thought, opinion, watered-down pithy stuff that people are teaching.
3. Comparing the ECM to the anabaptists - maybe in theory but not in what they were fighting for.
4. Rarely if ever does it deny truth? not of the stuff I've read...but I guess it depends on what truth ones deems as important - ALL OF IT!
5. I agree that we should be a missiona church. God created the whole person - and wants to be the LORD of the whole person.
6. If you are going to root your movement in the incarnate life of Jesus - than it must be the whole life of Jesus: the throwing out of tax collectors, the fussing at the Pharisees, the taking of the Law one step further, the cross (where SIN was defeated) - not just the "happy happy stories"
7. Ancient traditions are fine - multi-sensory worship is incredible. I think most people in our "churches" today believe that worship happens on Sunday mornings at 11:00 and is over at 12:00, and mostly the worship occurs for the first 20 minutes of singing and during the choir or solo special. Worship is a whole person (Rom 12.1-2) activity!
8. a "Generous orthodoxy" - one where they believe what they believe, but it is more generous in its acceptance (within the church) of different theologies. So, let's say, my theology says there are other ways to get to God - I don't need JEsus - Oh, yes you are welcome here, we will accept that as your orthodoxy? What??? So we have to be inclusional of orthodoxies even if those theologies go explicitely against the teachings of Scripture?
9. So, we are pious if we like the Bible. Basically...if we like the exposition of Scriptures and have a "lot of Bible in this spirituality." Nuf said. And yes I'm being sarcastic. Don't we want to know and breathe the very breath of God - 2 Tim 3.16-17
10. Yes, if we read the Bible to know what it says, we are to live it out in our community and relationships. If we don't - then we aren't reading the Bible accurately.
11. Good thought on that the EM is going to have to look at the rest of the Bible and not just the gospels. The WHOLE BIBLE is God breathed. Including the Romans part of sin, justification, and hell - the wages of sin is death.

So what are your thoughts?

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