Friday, February 17, 2006

Dolly Parton, PSS, Esther, The WEekend, and Prayer

Why must we work? I mean, seriously, I'm not a lazy person since whoever is reading this probably knows me. I have a very strong work ethic - something my parents instilled in me growing up - but why must Iwork a 40 hr/wk job - that is just a job. I could find some many better ways to spend my time if I was just independently wealthy. I could do ministry. Once God called me into ministry that is what I thought I would spend my life doing - not working a "just a job" and using every spare minute outside of that cramning in the ministry that I love to do. I was singing the Dolly Parton song "9-5" most of the day yesterday.
Anyway, went to a PSS Fundraiser banquet last night, which I ushered at ( It was great - just the people I met. I met people from Plant City who are now at the Summit, people who work for PSS who are going to be my upstairs neighbors, it was so cool, and then there were three Summit tables - Lord, thank you for letting me serve at a church who loves you and loves people here in Durham.
Busy, busy weekend. But, at least I'll spend it doing ministry and not being at "just a job". I'm going to enjoy it for all its worth, hanging in Wake Forest, cooking with girls, hanging out with 2 of my girls, eating lunch with another girl, playing with kids, and going to church. Can't wait. My two favorite days of the week are almost here.

Finishing Esther...

Prayer and the will of God...I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine's Mom had taken a turn for the worse and shouldn't live very much longer. As I got word, I began to pray the things he told us to pray for. I said this all, not with a shadow of doubt, but the very real knowledge that outside of a miracle, she would die, and graciously spend eternity in Heaven. As I was talking with Rachel about it this morning, I don't think that is not having faith, I know God is perfectly capable to heal Sandy from this liver disease, but I also know that He may not choose to. I do not know if He is willing. I do know however that He is in control and is sovereign over everything. I do not charge to know the Will of God - but know that it is perfect.

And in that I rest.

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