Friday, February 03, 2006

Kindness, Super bowl 1, & Mark on Faith

Good Bible study last night with my M and R group. Had a good teacher! Very much like I would have taught - so I get a lot out of that style of teaching. Good questions raised by the people in the group.
Rom 2.4 - oh what a great verse, that I think everything in Romans points back to. "The kindness of God has led you to repentance." Not our repentance has led us to the kindness of God, but God INITIATED kindness - its all about God - Paul likes to keep reminding us of that!

Super Bowl time is almost upon us. I will be packing, exercising, cooking, then sitting down to watch it by myself! Praise God - no one talking during the game :) Just good ole football!

Mark 4-5
4.17 - Oh may we be strong in the Word and in the Spirit so that when temptation and persecution comes we don't fall away. So many of us are only rooted right below the ground. Grow us deep - grow me deep!
4.40 - Have you still no faith? After all the disciples had seen - they still had such little faith? W haven't seen anything...face to face at least - Thank you for faith and the promise that we will one day see clearly - not in a mirror!

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