Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quote of the Day, Vanity Fair, Duke/UNC, Mark

Quote of the day:
"The more knowledge you have about your treasure, the more passionate you are about it." Of course, that comes from my fave author - John Piper. It was good to see him last night at the conference, worth the drive. This was at the end of a sermon about "teaching evangelism" in place of relational evangelism. Now, his passage, 2 Tim 2.24-26 had relationship stuff in it: love, peace, gentleness - all sandwiching "able to teach". He said in this world of pluralism and the emerging church (who doesn't stand on any propositions about Jesus, God, Truth, salvation, or hell - hardly), the world needs Christians, teachers, pastors, theologians who are going to teach the whole counsel of God just like Paul did late in his ministry in the book of Acts. That reminded me of how thankful I am for my pastor who does teach and brings theological terms and Greek and Hebrew text to the pulpit each week.

Vanity Fair, that comes out today, has Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johannsen on the front of it completely naked. In an interview I read yesterday the photographer said they were beautiful beings and they wanted to do this to let others see them. I don't disagree that their bodies are beautiful bodies - God created them and He is the Author of beauty, but that doesn't mean you need to pose nude for the front of a magazine cover!

College B-balls Biggest Rivalry - Duke/UNC - almost as big as the FSU/UF game in football, was last night. I got home for the most important part and definitely watched the last 3 minutes of the game. It was good. What happened with that inside shot with like 18 seconds left when the Heels were down by three - what were they thinking. I think Roy was definitely thinking that as well.

Alright - on to the important stuff: Mark 15-16 - the end of Mark

15.15 - Oh, how I am so often like Pilate - wanting to please the crowd. We can not serve two masters. If we love the world we are enemies with God.
15.20 - These soldiers were doing everything we do today, bowing, calling out, but they often were like many of today - mocking it. We may not openly be mocking Jesus because we know His life to be the truth - but we may mock it with our lives just like Pilate did in the verse above.

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