Thursday, February 02, 2006

More on Friendship and Mark

Boy, not much time has passed since my last posting. I pray God to multiply my sleep because I didn't get much of it.
Still on the thought of enjoying fellowship with our Father. I enjoyed my shower this morning, I enjoy hanging out (at least with most people) :) I enjoy football. I enjoy worship. Please, Dad, make my personal time with you something I thoroughly enjoy not just something I do. Create a burning passion in me, so I yearn for you. (Shane and Shane song - oh my goodness, really cool).
As I start the gospels today, make them come alive (in view of the leprosy colony and seminary put together). Bring new stuff to mind today!

Mark 1-3
1.4 - This is a good place to get one's doctrine of baptism. One of "repentance and the forgiveness of sins" - Believers' baptism.
1.24 - Even as it says in james 2 - even the demons know about Jesus. here the demons who possess this man are clearly in complete and full knowledge as to who jesus is.
1.28 - And at once His fame spread. His fame spread - not just the miracle He performed. God - spread your fame throughout the world and start right here.
2.3 - I was reminded of a Greater Vision song as I read this verse and stopped to listen to it, "My Name is Lazarus" - good song, although fiction. This man had four friends who didn't doubt at all. Lazarus knew that God had brought him from death to life. Jesus has brought us all from death to life. Where is our faith when we are facing tough situations...
3.11 - Look - the demons are even bowing down before the Son of God out of fear that He would destroy them - because He had that power.

That may be all for in His friendship

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