Sunday, February 12, 2006

Speed skating fan?, Hebrews 7-9, church...

This will definitely be a two-parter today. This is pre-church this morning.
As I was watching the Olympics last night I just started laughing. Here was this 5000m speed skater whom I had never met, will never meet, don't know anything about save what the story ran on him prior to his race, but I was cheering for him. Just like I had known him forever. I was giddy when he won. I think it is just something about the American Spirit - only when the Olympics come on. I mean we watch the stupidest sports, cheer on people we don't know, just because they wear the American Flag. Why can't all the time be the Olympics - then we would probably be much more fans of our own country - despite everything else that is going on in the world. GO USA!

Hebrews 7-9
7.2 - Jesus is like unto Melchi - righteousness and peace.
7.18-19 - Since no one is perfect who can keep all the inths of the law, there is a better HOPE!
7.22 - JEsus is the guarantor - a perfectness for the new covenant!
7.25. The perfect intercessor - Jesus lives daily - even right now - on behalf of God's children - making intercessory prayer for them!
8.13 - Obselete and abolish - two different words?
9.12 - His blood secured eternal redemption.
9.14 - Once dead works - now serving the living God - all through the blood of Jesus!

Boy - how wonderful my personal worship was this morning before going into corporate worship. The music part of worship was the sermon this morning. It spoke much louder to me than the sermon did.
Heart of Worship - do we love the songs we sing more than the One we worship (inordinate love). Sitting down thinking that even the worship that I offer is like filthy rags because of my condition of death and sin. It is only made right by the blood of Jesus (hence Hebrews)
Another song
The Solid Rock - my High Priest lives to be the rock that is the only ground on which I have to stand. Everything else is sinking sand.
He Reigns Forever - The congregation engaged! It was amazing - they got who we were singing to. Then we did it half again - you are the High Priest and the one who is eternal and reigns forever.
Evermore - because of your death on the cross we have reason and hope to love, serve, bow to you forever - having a down posture of worship - bowed.
He Had Made Me Glad - you are my strength, my shield, my portion, deliverer, my shelter - all those things, including HIGH PRIEST!

Thank you for music to reiterate the Word!

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