Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Where does this lead?

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Piper, Sin, Psalms, and the Word

Well, praise God it is not Monday anymore. It is Tuesday (most of the times that comes after a Monday - )
It was somewhat of a tough evening last night, dealing with sin, confessing it (again), knowing the need to repent of it, and humbling to ask for help for it from some dear friends. Over the past year there have been two underlying sins in my life that God is bringing to the forefront and is allowing me to lay down my pride and ask for help.

I know some of you are surprised that I haven't been speaking about John Piper as much as I normally would...hey, I'm branching out. No, today, I have 3 quotes from you, all have been used in my life in the last week (and then I get to go hear him in one week from today in Winston-Salem (www.ncbsc.org) at the state evangelism and church growth conference.
1. This comes from his book Roots of Endurance which is part of the Swans Are Not Silent biographical series he has written. He just came out with a fourth this past year. Anyway..."for the good of society, the good of society must not be the primary good." When I read it yesterday on his www (www.desiringgod.org) it immediately made me think of the verse in one of the pastoral epistles where it says they will go to wanting their ears tickled (by the watering-down of the word). NEVER DO IT! (Waterdown the Word that is).
2. I read this one the day I was really struggling with the first of the sins and consequences from it. "By the power of Truth and the Spirit, we must learn to revel in the grace of God, the forgiveness of sins, the hope of glory, and the joy of the Lord at the very same time that we are suffering from the consequences of forgiven sin." I sent this immediately to the friend who is keeping me accountable - wow, what a promise. Not that I wouldn't have any consequences from said sin, but that His HOPE is eternal and that I have forgiveness - complete - in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
3. I read this yesterday as I picked up Future Grace again for the umpteenth time. It is a pretty lengthy book, but great, so I just read a little at a time. "The foundation of future grace is Jesus Christ. He is the confirmation and Yes to all God's promises. When we come to the end of our prayers and say the simple words, 'In Jesus' name, Amen.' we are really saying two amens. When we say in Jesus name, that is God's amen to us. All his promises are amen in Jesus. Jesus Christ is God's yes and amen at the end of our prayers."
Oh, if I could just live out completely and wholly Ps 121 and Rom 8.32. That would make life a whole lot easier I do believe!

Ps 19-22
This first one is one that my fave theo professor at SEBTS made us memorize, and it is still one of my fave psalms...(even though I memorized it over dinner shortly before my 6pm class).
19 - reviving, rejoicing, wisdom giving, enlightening, enduring, righteous...sweeter - oh may the Word of God be sweeter.
19.11 - Here is where our warning comes...the Word of God, and the reward: "in keeping them there is great reward."
19.11-14 - Is so true, especially for the above thoughts: hidden and presumptious sins - I don't want them anymore. Sin is so oppressive.

The picture in today's blog is taken of the holy book of the Islamic religion. I found this sitting on the foundation of a house in a village in SE Asia when I was there this summer. I have it now in a frame in my house - with the verse John 8.32 beside it. These steps of the house led to no where. Only by obeying and believing in the Author of the WORD will life take you anywhere.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Romance, Worship, Psalms 16-18

Oh, yippy - its a Monday. I know I totally live for the weekends. Not that I hate my job, and yes, I do ministry in the middle of the week too (probably more so). But on the weekends, that is the only thing I am doing, what I love to do isn't mixed in with what I have to do. Anyway...
This is a quote I just read from today's Oswald Chambers reading (www.myutmost.org) "Get into the habit of saying, "Speak, Lord," and life will become a romance" If God's Word is supposed to be His love letter to me, then when I listen to it, read it, teach it, live it, obey it, memorize it, my life will become more of the Romance that He wants it to be. Another thing in the reading was how we always ask other's advice about certain situations before we ask God's. Even though God does put people in our lives to ask for help and discernment - He never meant for them to take His place. He needs to remain where He belongs.
My favorite blog right now, Justin Taylor's - who was the editor for Desiring God (
www.desiringgod.org) but who as of tomorrow will be the general editor for the new ESV Study Bible that is due out in 08 (www.esv.org) had a cool link on his blog yesterday (http://theologica.blogspot.com). It was a link to the SBTS (Southern Seminary) Worship Institute. All the lectures are on there from some of the key people in worship studies right now. Definitely worth checking out.
Today I'll start working on a comparison talk for girls next Sunday and also start diligently preparing for Bible study on Wed night for an intro to the Minor Prophets. Oh, how I love studying the Word for that purpose too. As JD said, it definitely has "preachworthiness".

Psalm 16-18
16.5 - I love this psalm, and have taught on it. Oh what a beautiful verse: The Lord is my chosen portion (even though I would never have readily chosen Him) and my cup, indeed I have a beautiful inheritance."
THere is a cool progression in these verses:
God gives me counsel
God is always before me and protects me
I will be glad and rejoice (oh what a good song)
I will not be abandoned (of course this is a prophecy about Christ) but by the same resurrection power is the power in my life.
God makes known to me the path of life and in Him there is fullness of Joy!
18.21-24 - May this be true to my life that I would know and obey the words and the laws of you. That I might be rewarded.
18.30 - This God! no other God can claim that His way is perfect. They were either never real or they are dead. gods of this age are gold and things and idols - not REAL LIVING GODS!
18.46 - More singing going on!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sundays, the Body, Pride, and Psalm 12-15

Sunday morning is here.
I love Sundays - really, they are my favorite day of the week.
My pastor has started a series on 1 Corinthians (yes, he is an expository preacher - go figure). Check the link beside here if you want to go listen to his sermons, and I would highly suggest them. Anyway, so I thought for part of my Bible reading today I would read 1 Cor 1. Paul, in speaking to the church at Corinth, starts out about grace - that is what JD preached on last week. This week I assume he'll be in the next section. Paul is talking here about divisions in the church. Before this I just read an article about the local church congregation at Mark Dever's www, www.9marks.com, good read. One of the verses that stood out to me is that an unhealthy or divided congregation hurts the gospel. Listen to Paul: "1.17c - Lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power." Now, when churches are grumbling they would never say, "Oh, yeah, I want to hurt the cross, I don't want the world to see its power." But that is what Scripture says. And I will go with what Scripture says above anything else. And no matter how God chooses to grow our congregation and our influence at the Summit in the world and to Durham, let us always abide by 1.31 - "let the man who boasts, boasts in the Lord. And Let no one boast except in the cross - sound like Gal 6.14.
JD preached on the end of chapter 1, about the wise things of the world. A good thing was that even in all of our smartness - it is all still about God - no matter who the believer is. they didn't get to be a believer because they were smart. One verse that stood out to me was 1.21b - "it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe" - Sounds an awful like Rom 10.14ff. He stepped on a lot of toes this morning...PRIDE. The root of sin - every kind of it - at least for me. When someone else gets the attention and they are looked at as something, then they stole my somethingness and I am nothing. Yes, one of those true but hurting sermons.
Chris started the service by declaring the Truth of Ps 34.1-3 - I will bless the Lord at all time - AT ALL TIMES. Not just when I feel like it or when I'm happy or when things are going my way - but when things are touch and when I'm hurting, sad, too busy, etc. His praises will be continually on my lips - again, what a great song.
Now onto other matters...

Psalm 12-15
12.6 - JD even talked about the Truth and Preaching Worthiness of the Word this morning: "The words of the Lord are pure words...purified seven times."
15.5 - This is of course something I am working on and do not want to continue to live in habitual sin.
15 - This also sounds a lot like Ps 24 - the blameless will dwell in the presence of the Lord.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

kind of a john 4 story

This was also supposed to be in the blog below. This was taken one of the days we were shopping in my trip this summer. The reason we wore the jilbabs was that we wanted to be respected by the other women we came in contact with there. Kind of like a John 4 story - if we were not wearing our head coverings, then we were like the woman in John 4. But, the women would talk to us, just showing respect for the social-religious aspects of their country. Posted by Picasa

Learning to speak Thai

This was supposed to be in the blog below, but I don't know what happened. This is at the leprosy colony outside of Chiang Mai. The word means kitchen. This picture will get printed and I'll hang it in my kitchen so I remember to pray for the ministry that these servants are doing for the glory of God and the fame of His name in the world. Posted by Picasa

a million little lies, truth, integrity, stars, and psalms

Good Saturday morning. this post will be in two segments because I probably won't have time to do it all before friends come over today. I've also gotta clean a little bit, but nonetheless, it will get done.
If any of you have kept up with Oprah and the world of entertainment, you know that she was "duped" by james frey - author of a A Million Little Pieces. www.amillionlittlepieces.com - Most time this would do nothing for me and matter little, but it actually provided a good way to introduce the gospel to one of my co-workers. My co-worker loves that book, she read every bit of it as truth - stayed up until wee hours of the morning. BUt then when it all came out that it was a lie, she was so disappointed - personally. I grabbed that opportunity to tell her about Absolute Truth and Beauty in a world that always lets us down by lies and fakeness. I told her that is where my Hope lies - in TRUTH (John 14.6, John 8.32). She received it well and thanked me for my kind words. It was a start at least.
Another co-worked told me a dirty joke yesterday (it was based off a middle-school happening), and I laughed. Where was my integrity there? I shouldn't have laughed. What was up with that?
Last night I went to the Tomlin, Louie, and Matt concert at the BTI center in Raleigh. www.268generation.com - I was tired but it was good. I enjoyed most of it sitting down just pondering the God we serve and who we get to worship. This was one of the scenes from the intermission. My big thought for the night was that God named all the stars and put them all where He wanted them. They shine supremely for His glory. He doesn't have to tell them "Hey, Bob - shine for me, you are getting a bit dusty there, not as many people can see you, isn't that why I made you?" - no. But, us, He made us in His image, and we are constantly shining for our glory instead of His. He is beckoning us to take His glory into the world, yet we live for ours. For more info on how to live for God's glory, read the Bible (www.gnpcb.org/esv) and go to www.desiringgod.org - John Piper's website.

Psalm 9-11
9.1 This is what I've just gotten a chance to do. I got to sit for about 90 minutes and show pictures to a friend of mine of my trips to Southeast Asia and to Thailand. I've gotten to tell of His wonderful acts as He has let me see His workings in the world.
9.5 - You do this, I have seen your judgment both here and there for sin - for not recognizing and acknowledging your fame.
11.7 - Thank you for the promise that the righteous (Rom 5.21) will see your face! What an exciting day that will be - when "whom have I in heaven but you" is the truth made real - "right now we see but dimly, as in a mirror, but one day we will see clearly, as face to face."


Friday, January 27, 2006

Do you like to read?

And someone really cool gave me a B&N card last night, Piper does have a new book out tomorrow, but I don't know what I'm going to get with it...
Anyway, go here and read this, scroll down about three entries till you get to one about reading - very worthwhile - less than 5 minutes.
Al Mohler, the writer of this paragraph, is the President of Southern Seminary in Louisville KY, works with CBMW a lot, and a myriad of other things. www.sbts.edu, www.cbmw.org, www.albertmohler.com and he is one of the authors of the Together For The Gospel in article above

New look to blog, worship, and Psalms

Ok - so I am changing the look and personality of my blog a little bit. As I've gotten more into the whole blog thing, and just read the "The Lightness of Blogging" on another site - go here for that cool blog - http://blog.togetherforthegospel.org - I thought I might as well make it all I can! So, I hope you enjoy - whoever you are. Let me know if you check it out, and what you think.
The above link is for a blog for some pastors who are hosting a pastors conference at Southern Seminary in April. They are best friends and go back and forth in conversation, some fun, some theological. CJ Mahaney would have to be my fave out of all of them. He is the founder of Covenant Life Ministries, www.sovereigngraceministries.org, a reformed charistmatic church. He has written The Cross Centered Life, Christ Our Mediator, and Humility (which I just finished and now Sean has it - he's the pastor of a great and needed church plant in d-town Raleigh, www.treasuringchristchurch.com. That's Sean in the picture working on plants in a garden at a leprosy colony outside of Chiang Mai Thailand. He has a precious wife Dana, and 2 small boys. They are going to be leading worship at a college apologetics conference next weekend at Southeastern (www.sebts.edu).
As I've been reading Bob Kauflin's blog, www.worshipmatters.com, (He's the worship leader for CJ Mahaney's church in MD), I've been thinking more about worship (which I love to think about and study anyway. I have a great worship leader and have been under a great worship leader in the past (www.summitchurch.cc; www.anastasiabaptist.org), worship has always been a neat thing to study for me. Thanks to Bobby and Chris for such different styles of worship leading but with the same heart. Anyway...I'm going to hear Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Louie Giglio tonight in Raleigh. www.268generation.com. I'm looking forward to a night of good worship - but what makes good worship? That is the questions...Any thoughts?
So, those are my thoughts as I start out this day - the last day of a work week, Praise God for Fridays!
Reading in the Psalms:
5.4 - Much like Is 6 and Ps 24 - "who can ascend the hill of the Lord?"
5.7-8 - Oh, here's a great answer to my above question. I love these verses. The only way we worship is through the abundance of God's love He has showed for us - GRACE.
5.11 - I love it when I'm reading Scripture and I just start singing it because people have written songs right out of the Psalms.
7.17 - Ends in a funny way. Here he has been saying that the Lord is righteous and he will destroy the wicke and those who do not repent. Then the last verse says I will rejoice because of that very thing.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Isn't she cute?

This is my cute litte baby - well, not actually mine, but...these are my friends Kasey and Frank. This is little Katelyn Abigail who was born at 11:00 pm on October 3 - a few days early. Kasey even let me come in shortly after she was born. Kase and I met in seminary, she is from Florida - notice a pattern. I was in their wedding, last January. Frank is a youth pastor in Apex and loves Jesus. He drives a great truck and is a great photographer. He loves the big oversized chair in my house and always asks me while I'm still single. Kasey loves Jesus too! Posted by Picasa

Long away friends

This is my friend S - who is serving JEsus in an undisclosed country as well. I just saw her in Thailand last week. I hadn't seen her in 2 1/2 years. She is amazing. She loves serving Jesus. We were good friends in seminary and are both from Florida, we started at the same time, and finished at the same time. She is much smarter than me though! Posted by Picasa

baking night in december

These are my girls - well, some of them. This was when Michelle was down in December and we were baking sugar cookies, and doing facials. This is Gray (who goes to NCSU - she's the newest member), Laura in front (she is about to graduate UNC in teaching - she's the oldest member), and Erin (who loves missions and football and will soon be my roomie). These girls mean so much to me. I'm so blessed that God has put them in my life! Posted by Picasa

5a partner

This is my friend and accountability partner, Rachael. Yes, we get up at 5 am during the week to pray together and talk about our day. I met her this summer at a Shane and Shane concert in Raleigh thanks to another friend Matt Webb! This was in Linville Falls for her b-day back in November. It was so pretty. She goes to SEBTS and loves Jesus and the Word. She is also a sharp dresser cause she works at JCrew. We both love to cook, read, and watch Pride and Prejudice. Posted by Picasa

far away friends

These are my friends who are serving Jesus in a far away country. K and T (to protect them). She is due with their first in March - J. I just saw them. I was in their wedding and T and I have been friends now for 6 years. They are incredible. Unfortunately though, K loves Kentucky and I'm a Gator fan! Posted by Picasa

family pix

This is my brother and sis-in-law, Alan and Tywonn. They live in Orlando, FL, near the Publix's and Islands of Adventure - great vacation spot. They have been married for 3.5 years ( I think). This was Alan's 30th!!! back in October at a Disney Resort with Mom and Dad. They want to do missions in Africa. Alan has his masters from Gordon-Conwell in Charlotte in Counseling and is working at a church in Orlando. Ty is a nurse and she works in an OR in Orlando Regional. They love going to Disney. Alan loves watching sports. Ty just puts up with him! Posted by Picasa

Fave family in St. Aug

OK - I'm slowly learning this picture thing. These are people very important to me. Phyllis is the best mentor in the world, her husband Billy (they all live in the best city in the world - St. Auggie), and Jill, their daughter, who has an amazing voice and can surf up a storm and she is living in Australia right now with a new puppy! Posted by Picasa

december visit from a friend

This is my friend Michelle while she was down in Durham in December. She is serving on staff at FBC Springdale, AR (www.fbcs.net) in the children's ministry. She is incredible. She can sing, play the guitar, cook, bike, hike, put on makeup and do facials (she works for Mary Kay as well). Most of all she loves the Word and Jesus. She is the Psalm 1 woman in my opinion. Anyway, we were suitemates in seminary and have stayed friends since we both graduated. She came down for a visit the weekend of Christmas Spectacular. This is Sunday after church we went to Tripps with another friend, Amanda. We had great service, but I guess it took too long (which we would never have noticed because of the all talking we were doing) and we got it all for free! I hope I will get to see her again soon! Posted by Picasa

Psalms and Rejoicing

Worship practice was incredible. It was just that. We were getting another chance to practice our worship of our God. It was great. Too bad I'm only going to be getting part of it from now on.
Feelings...can you trust them. I am reminded of the title of that book. No, we can't - but we can trust in the unfailing Word of God. That is the only thing that won't lead us astray - due solely to the Author.
"I will rejoice, I will rejoice, and be glad." Oh what simple words, hard to do, and yet powerful when we do it. That was an amazing time last night as we sang the words of that simple song - not perfected, harmonizing, broken up with spoken words, snapping, clapping, lifting of hands, praising in the sanctuary. I can't wait to sing that song on a Sunday and see if the congregation gets it - will they? do they often?
Anyway, these Psalms are great and have been often read - but Perfector of the Word in my life, I pray that you would bring something new to my life through their readings now.
1.2 - In contrast this verse doesn't say to go to books, other people, etc. It says blessed is the man who sits in the counsel of God - he rejoices in the Law and meditates on it constantly. How important that is. But, how often I go to Godly mentors and others in the Body or I go to other books on subjects I am struggling with.
1.4 - Chaff - unedible to humans (useless) seed casings of wheat, worthless, must be separated from the wheat before the wheat can be used. Do you want to be useless or useful for the kingdom - than obey the commands in the first 2 verse of this psalm.
2.8 - A great missions verse. Ask! That is what he tells us to do. Ask for the nations and what is his response - He will give them to us as our heritage, as our possession. Oh, as JD says, may the day come that the sun never sets on the Summit Church. I pray Lord that you would constantly be working in people's lives to see the importance of missions - short term, long term, etc. Strengthen them as they say no to the things of this world and yes to their more important heritage.
3.3 - You are my glory. I don't need to make a name for myself - Lord, you will do it - in your timing and in your way (which are totally other than mine).
3.5 - Even sleep you promise - good, sound sleep. Yippy - the promises of God.
3.8 - Salvation and blessing. They go hand in hand. Not necessarily blessings of our liking - but His blessings are so much better anyway.
4.1 - Recounting what the Lord has already done to ask him to be gracious to us again and repeat the same things - hearing us when we call. Bestowing grace.
4.2, 3 - WOW - These hit this morning as I read them;
- How do I turn the honor of the Lord into shame? Everyday single day. Whether I look to myself first instead of putting the needs of others before my own; daily habitual sin, when I am not obedient in telling others of your fame and glory.
- Love Vain words - How often I want the approval of man. Godly men and women, but approval from somewhere else other than God. If I can't get it or it seems to hard to earn - than I strive even more for it.
- Seek after Lies - I don't know if I would have ever thought I "seeked after lies". This means I earnestly go looking for them. In the way of things in my life that I think will please and fulfill me when only my Savior will do that. Pleasures of this world that are fleeting and temporary at best.
- Continue to consecrate me (OC today) - continue to set me apart for yourself - as a chosen people and a royal priesthood.
- Hear me when I call! Do not let me stand in the way of unanswered prayers than blame it on you, on your absence.
4.7 - Even when things are tough - thank you for this declaration of David - that even when things aren't going well - or they are hard - you put more joy in my heart than those things (even when they are going well).

Oh, the truth of God's Word. Much better than feelings. Not even in the same ballpark. Oh, that we would be astounded and wonder. Oh, that we would rejoice and be glad because of the fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

jan 25, the End of the Beginning

We get to the end of Genesis today.
I'm thankful for the new world of Blogs. It is helping me keep up with the ever changing world and especially our churches and how many of them are reacting to our culture. Yes, we should see and minister to our culture, but not let our culture change our theology.
The emerging church movement is less helpful to sound doctrine than it is helpful. I'm not saying God hasn't used it to bring people into a relationship with Him, but there is much harm done in their spiritual growth if staying in a church that doesn't believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, the blood of Jesus, the reality of hell for sinners who have not believed in Jesus as the only way to salvation from the Father.
48.15-16 - Blessings of a father - the life of an inheritance that is passed on to generations
49.18 - Even then the people of God were awaiting salvation from their God. They were longing for a promise that God had given His people. May we wait with baited anticipation - growing every minute.
50.20 - a well known verse. But, God does have different plans that the ones of the world. Let me know those as you would have me know them and wait on them. Not jump to conclusions about what you think - but wait on the Amen word of the Lord.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jan 24 - where has the month gone? 41-46

Ok - so almost another month gone and what to show for it. This month more than others. Thailand, Hope for Durham, abort73, time in the word, praying for others, financial hardship, a coming worship time in Raleigh, one more year of life, many things - all because of your grace and due to your mercy.
45.8 - so it was not you who sent me here but God.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday - catch up with Genesis

31.4-8 - Similar to Rom 8.31 - If God is for us, who can be against us...
end of 32: We often pray to see God and to see His glory. But we don't often want the pain and humiliation that comes along with it. Jacob (Israel) never walked again. Isaiah had burnt lips. Moses had a shiny face. Peter fell on his face. John fell face down in worship because he wasn't worthy. We always ask for the glory but very seldom ever remembering that being in God's presence is painful because of the chasm between our sin and His holiness. Thank goodness for amazing grace!
39.21 - Presence, love, and favor...
39.23 - success
41.38 - To be known as a person on whom the Spirit of God rests. This is what Joseph was known for - among a people that didn't know God. Oh grant us that favor with outsiders.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Break in Thailand - Gen 30

Ok - so I'm almost done with Gen without having blogged a single day. Been in Thailand without ready access to the internet, so here we go.
30.22 "Then God remembered" sometimes we think He has forgotten, but He has never and will never go back on His promises.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jan 7 - 2 days to go - Dan 10-12

Had a good packing day today - good stuff from Chris - Weird still to pray with certain people there because you aren't used to praying with them around...I don't know what that is. Its like my relationship with you can't be real with them around because it is hard to live with them...I don't know - have to think more about that.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Jan 6 - Dan 7-9

7.18 - but the saints of the most high shall receive and possess the kingdom. no one will be able to take it from us.
8.14 - We have promise that the sanctuary will be restored to the proper state - your kingdom will not forever encounter and receive reproach.
9.3 - Then he turned his face to the Lord in fasting and mercy. he knew where to find the answer
9.17 - For your own sake listen to the prayers of your people - don't act for our sake - act for yours.
9.18 - From piper's church thing on his www, Open our eyes to see our desolation and to see what only you can do - open their eyes - the next two weeks in Thailand - open their eyes.
9.19 - Hear, forgive, pay attention, act - for your sake

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Continuing on in the saga of Daniel
Beginning of 4 - How God can change a man like Nebi. Wow - don't know if it was salvation, but it was definitely a proclamation!
4.25 - God will do whatever it takes to make men know that He is the Most High God.
4.27 - Break off your sins by doing righteousness and showing mercy.
4.34-35...Dominion everlasting, kingdom from generation to generation, we are nothing, does all that he wills, in heaven and on earth (sounds like the Lord's prayer, we can't question him - who are we?
5.11 - and the reknown of His works be remembered from generation to generation.
5.14 - Is that how people would consider me? is that what people would say of me?
6.4-5 Complete integrity and the only place to find fault was with his walk with God.
6.10 - Daniel didn't change his behaviors when the world started going downhill or when the govt was changing. Praying and being disciplines was something that He always did - no matter what. He just continued in what He had been doing.
6.16 - I wonder if Darius said this with a sad heart because he didn't believe in the saving power of God or with hope because he knew that Daniel believed in a powerful God? I wonder what kind of God people think I believe in?
6.27 - This is the king we serve!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jan 4 - Daniel 1-3

Ok - you know, even on your birthday - life is not all about you. God is choosing the words Break, Stronghold, and Humility to start out my 29th year of being alive. Thank goodness for HIM! As CG said tonight - His Word is power and that is why we praise - Ps 33 - what a great Psalm to focus on!
Anyway, but that is not what I am reading tonight...
Oh what an amazing person of faith, obedience, and surrender - even in the face of death...
Daniel 1-3
1.7 - Its funny...we know Daniel by Daniel, we know the other three by their second names - hmmm, wonder why?
1.8 - Daniel resolved - and kept this resolution...he was resolved not to linger around things that distracted him but to focus on things that should be his stronghold...
2.22, 23 - The wisdom of God - impart please. Make known to me the things I don't know...Let me dwell in the light. Reveal the deep hidden things I know not yet...
2.47 - Will the answer to our prayers by God bring others to repentance and for them to claim that God is the God and King of all Kings...
3.16-18 - Boldness...will I continue to believe in God even if He never answers my prayers the way I wish for them to be answered? Yes...but help me to do that when and if the time comes. I know there will be times that you don't answer my prayers that way I think they should be answered. May I remember that your ways are higher and best!
3.28 - "And yielded up their bodies rather than serve and worship any god except their own God."

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan 1-3, the little Johns and Joel

OK - I'm finally going to be caught up here...I know I've been saying that for a while.

1 John
1.1-4 - He said this because of the close walk the disciples had with Jesus - He was the Word of life sent to them and they were able to feel his hands and feet - wash them, see the holes, oh thank you for the incarnation.
2.1-2 Because we have sinned - we have a righteous advocate who is our propitiation (and the whole worlds) -
2.25 - And he keeps his promises - thank goodness! ( and all good comes from God!)
5.3 - We have the love of God, we keep his commandments - and they are not burdensome - they should bring joy to life - not be so weighted that we can't live.
5.14-15 - Confidence...ask anything according to his will...He hears...knowledge...Owning
5.20 - Jesus Christ is the true God and eternal life - what is unclear about that proclamation of truth?

2 John
The church:
Abide in and know the truth
Walk in the truth
Love one another
Walk in the commandments
Watch out for deceivers
Abide in the teaching of the Father

3 John
2.11 - Like many of the Psalms (24)
2.12 - Passion - even after all the destruction and the just rendering of the Lord...he pleads us to come back: return to me with all your heart, fast, weep, mourn, rend your hearts - not your garments - return for I am gracious
2.14 - Obedience opens up the door for a blessing
2.17 - Oh may people never say of us "Where is their God" Oh Jesus show up in Durham and in the triangle and every place we go - not that people would see the Summit - but that they would see YOU!
2.18-19 - God's jealousy leads to our satisfaction.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Jan 2 - Matt 23-28

Finally - the 2nd day of January and I'm already behind. JD gave us the normal reading plan, but I like the one I am doing better so I am going to stick with it.
But, 2 days behind and I've still gotta finish Matthew...
23.1-12 - Just what I was talking with Sharon about...the stuff I do and how I do it for my glory and so that people can know my name - but how I should be doing it not even thinking about myself but for Your glory and to be a servant to other people. Help me to have that servants heart in Thailand...I need to meditate on that verse...start doing it now so that maybe the Spirit can work it in my life by then...oh, Spirit - I believe you can work - I've seen you do it - help me to practice this verse...
24.14 - Help me to be a part of this on a daily basis, but oh to be a part of it to the ends of the earth as well...in Thailand - with the B monks, to be an encouragement to those who are on the lines every day, to help strengthen them...
25.21 - Obedience: enter into the joy of your Master
25.32 - Before Him will be gathered all the nations - we get to be included in that inheritance over the next 2 weeks...
25.34 - Oh to be blessed of God before the foundations of the world. But, since I don't know who is on the right and who is on the left - it is my job to go...
26.13 - What will I be known for. AJ is known for being a woman of God to someone who has only known her for a week. This woman will always be remembered by what she poured out on Jesus' feet - not much of anything else. What do I want to be remembered for? To strive for the presence of Jesus - to be known as one who walks closely with you. But, to walk closely with you not for that purpose but for the end in itself.
26.15 - I don't know when I was asked the questions - what are your 30 pieces of silver, but it is such a tough question....right now it is FoodTV, any tv for that matter, a few extra hours of restless sleep, sin, pure rebellious sin...
26.25 - I wonder how the rest of the disciples reacted to this news? Did they want to kill him? What was the reaction of the rest of the talmudine when one of the talmids rejected their Rabbi? Question for JD or Ray Vander Laan?
27.63 - They had to have had some belief in what Jesus said because they acted on it - maybe not out of right conviction, but they remembered what He had said and acted on it - the power of Jesus' words.
28.5 - Just like at His first coming to life - "Do not fear" and now at his second coming to life - "Do not fear."
28.15 - and I wonder if Matthew ever thought as he was writing this that the same false stealing the body routine would be carried out 2000 years later?
28.17-20 - Obedience, worship, missions...they all go hand in hand...