Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan 1-3, the little Johns and Joel

OK - I'm finally going to be caught up here...I know I've been saying that for a while.

1 John
1.1-4 - He said this because of the close walk the disciples had with Jesus - He was the Word of life sent to them and they were able to feel his hands and feet - wash them, see the holes, oh thank you for the incarnation.
2.1-2 Because we have sinned - we have a righteous advocate who is our propitiation (and the whole worlds) -
2.25 - And he keeps his promises - thank goodness! ( and all good comes from God!)
5.3 - We have the love of God, we keep his commandments - and they are not burdensome - they should bring joy to life - not be so weighted that we can't live.
5.14-15 - Confidence...ask anything according to his will...He hears...knowledge...Owning
5.20 - Jesus Christ is the true God and eternal life - what is unclear about that proclamation of truth?

2 John
The church:
Abide in and know the truth
Walk in the truth
Love one another
Walk in the commandments
Watch out for deceivers
Abide in the teaching of the Father

3 John
2.11 - Like many of the Psalms (24)
2.12 - Passion - even after all the destruction and the just rendering of the Lord...he pleads us to come back: return to me with all your heart, fast, weep, mourn, rend your hearts - not your garments - return for I am gracious
2.14 - Obedience opens up the door for a blessing
2.17 - Oh may people never say of us "Where is their God" Oh Jesus show up in Durham and in the triangle and every place we go - not that people would see the Summit - but that they would see YOU!
2.18-19 - God's jealousy leads to our satisfaction.

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