Monday, January 30, 2006

Romance, Worship, Psalms 16-18

Oh, yippy - its a Monday. I know I totally live for the weekends. Not that I hate my job, and yes, I do ministry in the middle of the week too (probably more so). But on the weekends, that is the only thing I am doing, what I love to do isn't mixed in with what I have to do. Anyway...
This is a quote I just read from today's Oswald Chambers reading ( "Get into the habit of saying, "Speak, Lord," and life will become a romance" If God's Word is supposed to be His love letter to me, then when I listen to it, read it, teach it, live it, obey it, memorize it, my life will become more of the Romance that He wants it to be. Another thing in the reading was how we always ask other's advice about certain situations before we ask God's. Even though God does put people in our lives to ask for help and discernment - He never meant for them to take His place. He needs to remain where He belongs.
My favorite blog right now, Justin Taylor's - who was the editor for Desiring God ( but who as of tomorrow will be the general editor for the new ESV Study Bible that is due out in 08 ( had a cool link on his blog yesterday ( It was a link to the SBTS (Southern Seminary) Worship Institute. All the lectures are on there from some of the key people in worship studies right now. Definitely worth checking out.
Today I'll start working on a comparison talk for girls next Sunday and also start diligently preparing for Bible study on Wed night for an intro to the Minor Prophets. Oh, how I love studying the Word for that purpose too. As JD said, it definitely has "preachworthiness".

Psalm 16-18
16.5 - I love this psalm, and have taught on it. Oh what a beautiful verse: The Lord is my chosen portion (even though I would never have readily chosen Him) and my cup, indeed I have a beautiful inheritance."
THere is a cool progression in these verses:
God gives me counsel
God is always before me and protects me
I will be glad and rejoice (oh what a good song)
I will not be abandoned (of course this is a prophecy about Christ) but by the same resurrection power is the power in my life.
God makes known to me the path of life and in Him there is fullness of Joy!
18.21-24 - May this be true to my life that I would know and obey the words and the laws of you. That I might be rewarded.
18.30 - This God! no other God can claim that His way is perfect. They were either never real or they are dead. gods of this age are gold and things and idols - not REAL LIVING GODS!
18.46 - More singing going on!

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