Thursday, January 05, 2006


Continuing on in the saga of Daniel
Beginning of 4 - How God can change a man like Nebi. Wow - don't know if it was salvation, but it was definitely a proclamation!
4.25 - God will do whatever it takes to make men know that He is the Most High God.
4.27 - Break off your sins by doing righteousness and showing mercy.
4.34-35...Dominion everlasting, kingdom from generation to generation, we are nothing, does all that he wills, in heaven and on earth (sounds like the Lord's prayer, we can't question him - who are we?
5.11 - and the reknown of His works be remembered from generation to generation.
5.14 - Is that how people would consider me? is that what people would say of me?
6.4-5 Complete integrity and the only place to find fault was with his walk with God.
6.10 - Daniel didn't change his behaviors when the world started going downhill or when the govt was changing. Praying and being disciplines was something that He always did - no matter what. He just continued in what He had been doing.
6.16 - I wonder if Darius said this with a sad heart because he didn't believe in the saving power of God or with hope because he knew that Daniel believed in a powerful God? I wonder what kind of God people think I believe in?
6.27 - This is the king we serve!

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