Wednesday, January 25, 2006

jan 25, the End of the Beginning

We get to the end of Genesis today.
I'm thankful for the new world of Blogs. It is helping me keep up with the ever changing world and especially our churches and how many of them are reacting to our culture. Yes, we should see and minister to our culture, but not let our culture change our theology.
The emerging church movement is less helpful to sound doctrine than it is helpful. I'm not saying God hasn't used it to bring people into a relationship with Him, but there is much harm done in their spiritual growth if staying in a church that doesn't believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, the blood of Jesus, the reality of hell for sinners who have not believed in Jesus as the only way to salvation from the Father.
48.15-16 - Blessings of a father - the life of an inheritance that is passed on to generations
49.18 - Even then the people of God were awaiting salvation from their God. They were longing for a promise that God had given His people. May we wait with baited anticipation - growing every minute.
50.20 - a well known verse. But, God does have different plans that the ones of the world. Let me know those as you would have me know them and wait on them. Not jump to conclusions about what you think - but wait on the Amen word of the Lord.

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