Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Piper, Sin, Psalms, and the Word

Well, praise God it is not Monday anymore. It is Tuesday (most of the times that comes after a Monday - )
It was somewhat of a tough evening last night, dealing with sin, confessing it (again), knowing the need to repent of it, and humbling to ask for help for it from some dear friends. Over the past year there have been two underlying sins in my life that God is bringing to the forefront and is allowing me to lay down my pride and ask for help.

I know some of you are surprised that I haven't been speaking about John Piper as much as I normally would...hey, I'm branching out. No, today, I have 3 quotes from you, all have been used in my life in the last week (and then I get to go hear him in one week from today in Winston-Salem (www.ncbsc.org) at the state evangelism and church growth conference.
1. This comes from his book Roots of Endurance which is part of the Swans Are Not Silent biographical series he has written. He just came out with a fourth this past year. Anyway..."for the good of society, the good of society must not be the primary good." When I read it yesterday on his www (www.desiringgod.org) it immediately made me think of the verse in one of the pastoral epistles where it says they will go to wanting their ears tickled (by the watering-down of the word). NEVER DO IT! (Waterdown the Word that is).
2. I read this one the day I was really struggling with the first of the sins and consequences from it. "By the power of Truth and the Spirit, we must learn to revel in the grace of God, the forgiveness of sins, the hope of glory, and the joy of the Lord at the very same time that we are suffering from the consequences of forgiven sin." I sent this immediately to the friend who is keeping me accountable - wow, what a promise. Not that I wouldn't have any consequences from said sin, but that His HOPE is eternal and that I have forgiveness - complete - in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
3. I read this yesterday as I picked up Future Grace again for the umpteenth time. It is a pretty lengthy book, but great, so I just read a little at a time. "The foundation of future grace is Jesus Christ. He is the confirmation and Yes to all God's promises. When we come to the end of our prayers and say the simple words, 'In Jesus' name, Amen.' we are really saying two amens. When we say in Jesus name, that is God's amen to us. All his promises are amen in Jesus. Jesus Christ is God's yes and amen at the end of our prayers."
Oh, if I could just live out completely and wholly Ps 121 and Rom 8.32. That would make life a whole lot easier I do believe!

Ps 19-22
This first one is one that my fave theo professor at SEBTS made us memorize, and it is still one of my fave psalms...(even though I memorized it over dinner shortly before my 6pm class).
19 - reviving, rejoicing, wisdom giving, enlightening, enduring, righteous...sweeter - oh may the Word of God be sweeter.
19.11 - Here is where our warning comes...the Word of God, and the reward: "in keeping them there is great reward."
19.11-14 - Is so true, especially for the above thoughts: hidden and presumptious sins - I don't want them anymore. Sin is so oppressive.

The picture in today's blog is taken of the holy book of the Islamic religion. I found this sitting on the foundation of a house in a village in SE Asia when I was there this summer. I have it now in a frame in my house - with the verse John 8.32 beside it. These steps of the house led to no where. Only by obeying and believing in the Author of the WORD will life take you anywhere.

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