Saturday, January 28, 2006

a million little lies, truth, integrity, stars, and psalms

Good Saturday morning. this post will be in two segments because I probably won't have time to do it all before friends come over today. I've also gotta clean a little bit, but nonetheless, it will get done.
If any of you have kept up with Oprah and the world of entertainment, you know that she was "duped" by james frey - author of a A Million Little Pieces. - Most time this would do nothing for me and matter little, but it actually provided a good way to introduce the gospel to one of my co-workers. My co-worker loves that book, she read every bit of it as truth - stayed up until wee hours of the morning. BUt then when it all came out that it was a lie, she was so disappointed - personally. I grabbed that opportunity to tell her about Absolute Truth and Beauty in a world that always lets us down by lies and fakeness. I told her that is where my Hope lies - in TRUTH (John 14.6, John 8.32). She received it well and thanked me for my kind words. It was a start at least.
Another co-worked told me a dirty joke yesterday (it was based off a middle-school happening), and I laughed. Where was my integrity there? I shouldn't have laughed. What was up with that?
Last night I went to the Tomlin, Louie, and Matt concert at the BTI center in Raleigh. - I was tired but it was good. I enjoyed most of it sitting down just pondering the God we serve and who we get to worship. This was one of the scenes from the intermission. My big thought for the night was that God named all the stars and put them all where He wanted them. They shine supremely for His glory. He doesn't have to tell them "Hey, Bob - shine for me, you are getting a bit dusty there, not as many people can see you, isn't that why I made you?" - no. But, us, He made us in His image, and we are constantly shining for our glory instead of His. He is beckoning us to take His glory into the world, yet we live for ours. For more info on how to live for God's glory, read the Bible ( and go to - John Piper's website.

Psalm 9-11
9.1 This is what I've just gotten a chance to do. I got to sit for about 90 minutes and show pictures to a friend of mine of my trips to Southeast Asia and to Thailand. I've gotten to tell of His wonderful acts as He has let me see His workings in the world.
9.5 - You do this, I have seen your judgment both here and there for sin - for not recognizing and acknowledging your fame.
11.7 - Thank you for the promise that the righteous (Rom 5.21) will see your face! What an exciting day that will be - when "whom have I in heaven but you" is the truth made real - "right now we see but dimly, as in a mirror, but one day we will see clearly, as face to face."


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