Wednesday, November 30, 2005

2 Chron 21-24, the end of November and fall...

You are faithful even when my mind can't wrap around all your complexities of perfection and grace
21.13-15 - There are definitely consequences to our sins. For the wages of sin is death.
24.7 - Even to the extent of what Melissa said tonight - God's presence is within us and not just within a temple now. So, we do the same things that they did here. We use the things dedicated to the Living God to baals and worship them within our bodies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nov 29

Well, I can't very well look at other people's blogs without looking at God's blog even before blogs were cool. PRess on - be obedient. God rewards those who seek Him!
16.9 - God supports the blameless - even when the going gets tough!
16.12 - Even when people are most desperate for God they seek healing elsewhere - when they need ultimate healing - thank you Roger Bennett!
18.4 - Wanted to know what the Lord said before doing anything
20.12 - we do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. - what a great declaration for all of God's people when the times don't seem so sure
20.22 - Oh what singing and praising do - here it allowed God to show u - it brought God to move in a way we could see. Let us act and see again!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Nov 28 - Enrich my understanding

And my passion for the Word - even the Chronicles...
12.1 - Why is it when we get strong - then we kind of start to live on our own and get weak again?
12.14 - Let me seek the Lord with my whole heart - that I might not do evil. When I seek after other things - even my own strength - that's when I go wrong...
14.11 - Let that be our prayer - we are weak without you - like Paul says - in our weaknesses you are strong. Let us go into battle against Durham and the evil in it behind you - not behind the name of the summit
15.7 - I prayed this for Indonesia - let me remember to pray this for Brad and Miles and also for Thailand - that our work will be rewarded because of WHO leads it.
15.16 - Not even family can keep you from serving the Lord!
The peaceful reign of Asa because his heart was true to the Lord

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Continuing in the chronicles...

Alright - I admit - these readings have been hard and I am ready to get out of the chronicles - but I know they are there for a reason and God will prove His Word faithful!
Help me to always listen to wise counsel - not like Solomon's son did. I want to do what you want me to do - but let me listen to the wise people you put in my life. Let me always listen to you in the end though!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nov 25, 26 - End of 1 - to the 2

1 Chron 29.9 - The people rejoiced because they had freely given to the Lord - the Lord loves a cheerful giver!
2 Chron 5.14 - The priests couldn't even minister because the glory of the Lord was so close in on them. oh, that we would experience your presence in that very way - that we wouldn't even be able to sing our songs because you would be so THICK!
2 Chron 6.40 - I would pray the same thing for the Summit...let your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayer of this place...
2 Chrons 7.14 - They have just bowed down in worship to the Lord because they have seen the cloud in the temple, then the Lord says this...then he will do what they have asked him in 6.40

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Post - 1 Chron 23-27

Thankful for: technology to keep up with all my friends and family, before that of course - the precious and irreplaceable cross of Christ, the mercy of the Lord, prayer, the WORD, The Summit, my family, my mentors Billy and Phyllis, jobs and health, football, hot water and a roof over my head that hasn't been destroyed, the freedom to preach Christ and Him born and crucified, for the knowledge and grace of God that saved me while I still an enemy to him, way before I was even born, music, worship, a worship leader that loves JEsus, a pastor that loves the Word, friends who love me and correct me when needed, a chance to love college girls and teach them the Word of God, a chance to go over the world and share the gospel and love on my friends, the hope of glory Christ - living in me, the Holy Spirit, being created in God's image, my education, cooking abilities, a Mom and Dad who love Jesus, a brother and sis in law who love Him too. And many other things...

Before Thanksgiving post - 1 Chron 19-22

19.13 - May the Lord do what seems good to HIm. We know that you work all things to the good of those who love you! Thank you!
21.8 - The heart of repentance: admitting what you have done is wrong, asking for removal of the sin and consequences of it, knowing you have done wrong.
21.13 - I would never have chosen the battling with the Lord because He is so much stronger than anyone, but David here chooses it because His mercy is so great! Oh, let me live in the mercy of the Lord.
21.15 - El Roi
22.13 - You will be successful if you are careful to obey the Word of the Lord.
22.19 - Set your heart and mind before the Lord. Mind is to what we think about and heart is what we yearn for - oh heal and correct both of those!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nov 22, 1 Chron 15-18

I do not have a good attitude toward the Word right now. I'm in a boring book and I have put it off till I am tired and wanting to go to bed. Lord - change my heart to where I yearn for this book in every season. That I don't have a dry season, but daily want to be in this book so I can hear from you.
15.13 - The Lord's anger came upon them because they didn't seek His way of doing things...let me always seek you in how I should do everything...
15.29 - when others who have not experienced the Lord see us rejoicing in Him - they don't like us very much. Just like Michal didn't like her husband very much when he was making a "fool" out of himself.
16 - All the ways that David praised the Lord: giving thanks, calling on His name, proclaiming His deeds, singing, telling of what He has done, giving glory to Him, remembering what He has done, remembering his covenant, singing, telling, declaring to the nations, ascribing, bringing an offering, worshipping, tremble, rejoice, be glad, plead with God, bless the Lord
16.25-28 - what great things and true things to say about the Lord!
171.12 - Oh how disappointed David must have been when Nathan came and told him that he wasn't going to build the temple. How would I feel if God told me I wasn't to do something great for Him that I thought I was going to do?

Monday, November 21, 2005

I Chron 11-14

1Chron 11.9 - His strength and power and rule came because God was with him.
1 Chron 13.9-14 - There is a sense and fear and glory when it comes to God. David failed to have both and left the ark outside the city - so the other city got blessed by the presence of the Lord.
1 Chron 14.14 - Always pray about everything, because God may have different plans for different times - all to bring glory to Himself.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

So, the blog has been lonely

Here is am playing catch up. Tired on Friday morning, slept in to go to the mtns on Saturday morning, and tired to get up for worship on Sunday morning. But God knew what I needed and allowed halfway through worship my headache to not play a factor and I came into communion with Him - good Scripture readings...still not totally true in my life. So, these are for the last two days and today...back to normal tomorrow. I'm glad this crazy schedule is only for 2 months!
140.13 - Stay with the upright - let me be righteous in my actions, made righteous by you!
141.2 - Evening sacrifice and incense...both things are to the alter. Made of things to give up - my prayers and my hands in surrender to you.
141.8 - But my eyes are toward you - let me look to see what you are doing and go there - not look elsewhere.
143.6 - Reaching to touch you, to be quenched by your everflowing water!
144.1-2 - See, that is just what we sang this morning - remembering the goodness of your Name and protection.
145.3 - His greatness is unsearchable - we can't even begin to know it?
146.3 - Don't put your trust in a son of man in whom there is no salvation.
147.1 - A song of praise is fitting and pleasant - oh then why don't I do it more often!
149.4 - He takes pleasure in His people - He takes pleasure and joy in us!
1 Chron 4.10 - Oh the randomness of the prayer of Jabez - this is what his name means, pain. But he asks this in the midst of the long list of names from all the generations. I know that your Word is completely useful and perfect, but this long list of names, I have yet to see the full use of - but I will continue to grow!
1 Chron 9.2 - Their captivity was because of their lack of faith - oh, don't let our faith wain.
1 Chron 10.13-14 - Saul died because of his sin - seeking the stars for guidance and not Him and not having faith in the Lord. Even in the OT we see that sin leads always to death.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nov 17, Ps 134-139

Thinking and dwelling on the Word in the morning - what a concept
134 - Again, blessing Lord with our lifting up of hands and our steadfastness. If I could just ever get a full concept of what that means...
135.3 - Sing to Him because He is beautiful - more than anything else here on earth (or in Heaven) Ps 73
135.13 - Your name and your renown endures throughout all generations and nations. Oh, I get to be a part of that by taking your fame to the world.
138.2 - His Word is exalted along with His name. That shows the importance of knowing and reading His Word.
138.8 - Lord, whatever that purpose is you have for me, I know you will fulfill it. Give me a glimpse of it I pray, that I may see the earthly purpose you are going to have for me. But, I continue to trust in you for direction each day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Back to the Psalms (126-133), Nov 16

Busy day, but thank you for waking me up and getting me in the Word!
126.2 - May this be a statement for those of us going to Thailand. That we would be filled with laughter and joy over you and the joy of your presence in our lives - that in turn all the nations will see that the Lord has done great things for us!
127.2 - Let me not do this getting up early in vain - for me, but to spend it with you. May I also get to bed early some time whenever would be nice!
130.3,4 - Thank you for forgiveness of sins and grace to be favored by you.
130.5 - Let me only put my trust inyou. I know about you through your Word - your true perfect Word that shows me who you are!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nov 15, End of Hosea

12.6 - Only by the help of God can we do, justice, and be patient for Him. We can't do it with our whoredom spirit within us if we live according to the flesh - oh, but today may I walk in the Spirit.
13.6 - in our fullness we forget you. oh God make us empty.
14.9 - Let me know and walk in your ways.

Monday, November 14, 2005

consider our harlotry

9.1 - We don't even consider our harlotry and we rejoice like we are faithful when we get money from other gods.
9.17 - I don't want to be rejected because of my faithfullessness. Let me come and come by JEsus and hold to JEsus and be faithful to JEsus.
10.12 - This was my yearly verse about 10 years ago now i guess..."for it is the time to seek the Lord that he may come and rain righteousnes upon you." Oh come make me more like you. Rain it down.
10.13 - We are sinful when we trust in our own ways to lead and sustain us.
11.4 - Even in this - the Lord is gracious and will bend down to lead me.
11.9 - He is the Holy One in our midst...what a great promise - let us live like it.
11.11 - "I will return them to their homes..."

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Again, to continue in this realistic book on my life even with Christ today.
5.4b - For the spirit of whoredom is within them... - Oh but God you have put your New Spirit within me - the Holy Spirit - may I walk in Him daily and not walk in the flesh - may I live and walk with you - so that I might be able to deny the spirit of the flesh, spirit of whoredom that is within me if I am not within you!
5.11 - Because he was determined to go after filth - why are we so determined to go after things that aren't of you. I know I am. Break me of my rebellious spirit - Rise up within me breath of God and kill my determination.
5.15 - Oh please Lord do not make my life a distress before I turn back to you and leave my sins and press hard into your face, to get the imprint of your face on mine -
6.1-3 - Returning to you is painful - but ultimately it is healing. Oh, let me have grace and mercy so I can press on to know You - intimately.
6.6 - Not singing and bringing grain - S&S song
7.14 - Again it is all about show - let it be in the heart with me and our church as a whole. May we not worship you for show or because we are the Summit - but may we cry and be broken in our hearts because we are children of you who have been bought with a high price - not piddly pinnance from our pimps.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fave OT book

Oh, I'm so excited about reading this - what a joy! It'll be hard to not write too much, but I guess it doesn't really matter
1.2-3 - What an odd request of the Lord. Go do something that I have told you not to do - commit adultery - that is what his wife did. Then, Hosea doesn't do anything but go and obey. He had such a good relationship with God that he didn't question even the oddest of tasks.
1.4-9 - What a thing...these kids had to go throughout their whole life knowing the forsakeness of God everytime their name was called by someone.
2.16 - May I have and long for that intimate relationship with you and not the legalistic only relationship with you.
2.19-20 - These are things that a harlot wouldn't know - steadfast love, mercy, righteousness, faithfulness - yet this is what God offers.
2.23 - Oh how cool it is that God changes our names
4.10 - We are not satisfied because we try to fill ourselves with things that won't and aren't intended to satisfy. Like the Caedmon's song - "you created nothing, that gives me more pleasure than you."
4.12 - They have left their God (faithful love, mercy, steadfastness, righteouness) to play the whore - fear, rejection, usage, cheapness

Friday, November 11, 2005

Nov 11 - Veterans Day, Ps 120-125

120.2 - Deliver me from sin - lying and deceit
121 - What a great Br0oklyn Tab song!
122.7 - Maybe not exactly what is meant here - but let peace reign in our community in the body of the Summit. Especially come Monday night.
124.8 - Our help is in the name of the Lord - let us call on it at all times (not just in times of distress)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

the Long and the short of it

The shortest chapter of the Bible and the longest chapter of the Bible - I guess that makes us even!
And I am finding I'm much more excited about being in the Word in the morning - that is probably a freshness of a new day, no old thoughts on the day just spent - not being tired - having a fresh mind to the Word. Help me to get up in the mornings and pour in to the Word and your Presence to last me all day - to commune and be intimate with you.
118.5 - Distress needs freedom. Set us free. Set me free from perfectionism, impressing others, striving for others' approval, weight and food worries and issues, and many other things that hold me in bondage to the things of this world.
118.6 - Rom 8.31
118.18 - Disciplined - but not death. Sometimes we feel that way, but His discipline leads to life. without it we have none.
Since this is a psalm all about the Word - this is what it says about it:
1. we are blameless if we follow in it
2. we are blessed if we keep it
3. If I keep my eyes on it, I will not be put to shame
4. I can pure if I obey it
5. I can be wholehearted
6. If I store your Word, I won't have the tendency to sin
7. you are my teacher
8. I can delight and meditate in it and it will never lose its luster or wonder
9. Make my eyes closed to other things and open to it
10. Can I be consumed with your word and not with other things at all times - but not like the pharisees and/or scribes
11. I already have the best counselor and he doesn't cost 100$/hour
12. The Word is a great teacher (because of the Holy Spirit)
13. The Word is a stronghold in my life and the strength of it - the words of my Savior
14. Wholity of heart - that isn't even a word - being wholehearted
15. "Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things, and give me life in your ways."(37)
16. Let me find delight in your word and nothing else of the things this world offers
17. Good judgment and knowledge - things we long for in this world - come from knowing your Word.
18. Again, not a divided heart.
19. Let me be a person who hopes in your Word (even if it is the SS answers)
20. No matter what persecution I go through here on this earth - let me hope in the promises of your Word.
21. More understanding - more meditation.
22. Accept my worship and teach me your law - all in the same verse
23. Let me pant for your water -be dry and thirsty for your Word.
24. (133) Let no iniquity get dominion over me - oh, let this be true and right in my life.
25. May I weep for the people who do not keep your commandments
26. May I be more excited about your Word than I am with finding a great deal or a great book or a great recipe or hearing a great song

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

psalm of wonder

111.1 - with a whole heart. Kind of like unite my heart to fear your name...
111 - What a great psalm of wonder of many of God's attributes: great, splendor, majesty, righteousness, gracious, merciful, provisional, lovingkindness, powerful, giving, faithful, just, eternal, faithful, upright, redeeming, holy, awesome, feared, praiseworthy.
112.1 - Mirrors many other psalms, but 1.1-5 especially
112.7 - Even when we get bad news, may we be firm in the Lord and trust that you have everything in control.
114.7 - The whole earth will tremble! He is the maker of it all!
115.1 - As I sing the Tomlin song - may that be the way I live my life today - everyday
115 - Starts out with all this done to God's glory - give Him praise. Then he goes on to tell us what he is going to do for us - all for his glory!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

hungering for the Word

I love the psalms - thank you for including them in your Word!
107.5 - we were hungry and thirsty - yet look at us now. Able to be completely filled and saturated with the Word, the Spirit, the Bread of Life, the Living Water...I could go on...
107.9 - Exactly what I said in the commentary above.
107.25 - He even commands the seas and oceans and they obey and listen to His voice (sound familiar to the gospels)
107.29 - Sound like something Jesus did - hmmm, could He be God - why yes He is!
107.43 - The wise is he who considers the steadfast love of the Lord!

Monday, November 07, 2005

God vs cows

I will bless the Lord at all times, at all times...I will bless the Lord. Thank you for those words this morning - help it to be true in my life.

104.2 - Caedmon's call
104.4 - He "ministers a flaming fire". This is one of the things that is listed as making Him great. What a concept - his ministering (which we always think of as positive) is listed with a fearful deadly thing of fire - his consuming fire-ness. Which ultimately is a positive thing, but not for our flesh.
104.13 - How the earth is even satisfied in what you do for her - how much more (Matthew) should we be satisfied with what you do for us?
105.1 - Worship, petitioning, missions - all in one verse - should say something about our lives?...
105.3,4 - What great verses to meditate on today (and everyday for that matter). Glory in His name - where our strength lies - then I will rejoice because I am glorying in His name and not my own. Seeking Him - looking for Him (and finding Him). Seeking and dwelling in His presence continually - always - and therefore living in His strength that He provides that is found in His presence.
105.40 - Bread in abundance, but only for the day. He made a law on it - needing it only to be given for the day and for them to obey and trust Him.
105.45 - He gave abundantly so they might obey and praise Him! So let me do in the abundance of my living...
106.5 - glory with your inheritance - not in which I what I would think...with...have to think on that preposition for a bit.
106.8 - You saved them to show your power - that is why you still save today - to show your power and your character.
106.20 - How silly that sounds...exchanged the glory of God for something that eats grass. If we looked at our "other" worship like that would we ever worship something besides God. Like the things we look at and have - the created things rather than the creator - the puny worthless things.
106.34,35 - Disobedience always leads to more disobedience.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


What a great Sunday - about sin and how it breaks our fellowship with a most holy God and singing about how that sin has been nailed to a cross - all of it - and how we can be friends of God - and go take that message to a world in desparate need of Him.
101.3 - The very thing JD was talking about this morning. Any worthless thing is anything less than God - He is worthy of our everything. Nothing should come between Him and us - and so often we are uncircumcised in heart and home.
102.18 -- Why kind of legacy will we leave - will a people yet created praise the Lord because of what they hear and see of us and our walk with God? Parents - what a legacy to your grandchildren!
103.3 - Who forgives all your iniquities - for us to do them no more!
103.5 - Who satisfied you with good - so you don't have to be not-satisfied with stuff that is not good.
103.13 - Just like the Father of Lights verse in the gospel - oh, the innerworkings of Scripture again!
Thank you for giving us the privilege to lavish blessings back to you - because you have given us so many! I bless your name, I give you honor, give you praise, you are the life, the truth, the way, I bless your name - I bless your name.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

new name for durham

Here it is - the end of another major prophet

46.14 - This sacrificial worship is a perpetual statute. Even though we have Christ, we need to still obey the perpetual statute of sacrifice - daily dying to self and picking up our cross.
48.35 - Make that Durham's name - the Lord is there!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Facedown - Matt Redman

41.4 - He set out so many specifics for His Most Holy PLace - His dwelling place in the temple. Although He doesn't have a specific temple under the NEw Covenant - we meet in churches, He does have a temple for the holy Spirit and that is us and HE has set up specifics for that as well - that our bodies are temples. God help me to recognize my body as your body and it is your temple for you to dwell in.
43.3-5 - Ezekiel's reaction to seeing the glory of the Lord fill the temple - he fell face down at the glory of the Lord - out of respect and negation of self - out of homage and surrender. Oh how I wish you compelled me to do that more often - not out of sign to other people and not that I would do it out of show, but out of knowing and being in your glory.
44.4 - AGain, the reaction of Ez to the glory of the Lord - falling face down. We see that so often in Scripture - why isn't it more visible in our worship today?
44.28 - The Lord is their possession, their inheritance - they need nothing else.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nov 3, Ez 37-40

37.6 - Cause the dead things (the parts of me that are dead to you and callous and dry) to come alive with the presence of you, your Word, your Spirit. Let them live - all of me - that I might know you
37.14 - I will put my Spirit within you and you shall live - I am the Lord and I will do it. He is true to His Word and He will act and do what He says He is going to do. Thank you for being faithful and breathing in us when we are dead to you.
37.27-28 - I will cleanse them - they shall live in me - then the nations will know that I am the Lord. Oh JEsus we need to be clean! Pray that you will work in the lives of the people going to Thailand right now that we will be cleaned of things in our lives that will hinder the Word of your Truth going out among the people of Chiang Mai.
38.23 - The terror of his holiness - but then they will know that He is the Lord
39.24 - Oh do not let us sin that you would hide your face from us. Pray that we would live in your presence that we would know the heat of your face.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Great Anticipation, Nov 2, Ez 33-36

What great chapters i get to read this morning. I'm looking forward to it, but help the old parts to be new to me this morning...
33.8 - we have the responsibility (even as Paul did in Rom 9.1) to tell others because we know the end outcome. They don't. We need to make them aware of it.
33.11 - God wants no evil one to perish. Mercy and justness...two go hand in hand. He asks them why will you die? When there is so great a salvation?
33.13 - It says the righteous shall live by faith, not by his own righteousness. Let me never lean toward the things I do for my salvation.
34.15 - Parallels Ps 23
36.21- He had concern for His holy name - jealous. He will not let it be suffered.
36.22 - He has to correct for his sake the things we have done to profane his name - just to to ourselves and our people, but among the nations.
36.23 - When through you I vindicate my holiness...what in the world does that mean? Mission trips or discipline - or perhaps both?
36.27 - New Spirit...walk in His ways...careful to obey rules and statutes. Galatians and walking by the Spirit
36.29 - And I will deliver you from all your uncleannesses. What a good promise.
36.32 - He again wants to remind us that He is not acting for our sake - but for his sake. Just in case we get prideful and think He is acting for us. Even with things at the SUmmit - you are acting for your Name. Help us not to get in the way - but let you act. Drive out the sin among us for your great name.
36.36 - A promise for Durham?
36.37-38 - Increase our numbers so that we can be sheep - be willing to lay our lives down for God and the people that He has given us. What an odd thought, but it is the cost of discipleship - something I have not read before. Help that to be true.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yippy - November, Ez 29-32

29.9 - May we never think that anything that God has given us is ours. The Summit, work, money, friendships...
30-32 - The destruction of Pharoah - why? Because He has not known or given due to God - and God will do this so he will know the Lord God. Phil 2 11 - one day every knee will bow - so you might as well just do it now.