Sunday, November 06, 2005


What a great Sunday - about sin and how it breaks our fellowship with a most holy God and singing about how that sin has been nailed to a cross - all of it - and how we can be friends of God - and go take that message to a world in desparate need of Him.
101.3 - The very thing JD was talking about this morning. Any worthless thing is anything less than God - He is worthy of our everything. Nothing should come between Him and us - and so often we are uncircumcised in heart and home.
102.18 -- Why kind of legacy will we leave - will a people yet created praise the Lord because of what they hear and see of us and our walk with God? Parents - what a legacy to your grandchildren!
103.3 - Who forgives all your iniquities - for us to do them no more!
103.5 - Who satisfied you with good - so you don't have to be not-satisfied with stuff that is not good.
103.13 - Just like the Father of Lights verse in the gospel - oh, the innerworkings of Scripture again!
Thank you for giving us the privilege to lavish blessings back to you - because you have given us so many! I bless your name, I give you honor, give you praise, you are the life, the truth, the way, I bless your name - I bless your name.

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