Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Great Anticipation, Nov 2, Ez 33-36

What great chapters i get to read this morning. I'm looking forward to it, but help the old parts to be new to me this morning...
33.8 - we have the responsibility (even as Paul did in Rom 9.1) to tell others because we know the end outcome. They don't. We need to make them aware of it.
33.11 - God wants no evil one to perish. Mercy and justness...two go hand in hand. He asks them why will you die? When there is so great a salvation?
33.13 - It says the righteous shall live by faith, not by his own righteousness. Let me never lean toward the things I do for my salvation.
34.15 - Parallels Ps 23
36.21- He had concern for His holy name - jealous. He will not let it be suffered.
36.22 - He has to correct for his sake the things we have done to profane his name - just to to ourselves and our people, but among the nations.
36.23 - When through you I vindicate my holiness...what in the world does that mean? Mission trips or discipline - or perhaps both?
36.27 - New Spirit...walk in His ways...careful to obey rules and statutes. Galatians and walking by the Spirit
36.29 - And I will deliver you from all your uncleannesses. What a good promise.
36.32 - He again wants to remind us that He is not acting for our sake - but for his sake. Just in case we get prideful and think He is acting for us. Even with things at the SUmmit - you are acting for your Name. Help us not to get in the way - but let you act. Drive out the sin among us for your great name.
36.36 - A promise for Durham?
36.37-38 - Increase our numbers so that we can be sheep - be willing to lay our lives down for God and the people that He has given us. What an odd thought, but it is the cost of discipleship - something I have not read before. Help that to be true.

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