Thursday, November 24, 2005

Before Thanksgiving post - 1 Chron 19-22

19.13 - May the Lord do what seems good to HIm. We know that you work all things to the good of those who love you! Thank you!
21.8 - The heart of repentance: admitting what you have done is wrong, asking for removal of the sin and consequences of it, knowing you have done wrong.
21.13 - I would never have chosen the battling with the Lord because He is so much stronger than anyone, but David here chooses it because His mercy is so great! Oh, let me live in the mercy of the Lord.
21.15 - El Roi
22.13 - You will be successful if you are careful to obey the Word of the Lord.
22.19 - Set your heart and mind before the Lord. Mind is to what we think about and heart is what we yearn for - oh heal and correct both of those!

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