Thursday, November 10, 2005

the Long and the short of it

The shortest chapter of the Bible and the longest chapter of the Bible - I guess that makes us even!
And I am finding I'm much more excited about being in the Word in the morning - that is probably a freshness of a new day, no old thoughts on the day just spent - not being tired - having a fresh mind to the Word. Help me to get up in the mornings and pour in to the Word and your Presence to last me all day - to commune and be intimate with you.
118.5 - Distress needs freedom. Set us free. Set me free from perfectionism, impressing others, striving for others' approval, weight and food worries and issues, and many other things that hold me in bondage to the things of this world.
118.6 - Rom 8.31
118.18 - Disciplined - but not death. Sometimes we feel that way, but His discipline leads to life. without it we have none.
Since this is a psalm all about the Word - this is what it says about it:
1. we are blameless if we follow in it
2. we are blessed if we keep it
3. If I keep my eyes on it, I will not be put to shame
4. I can pure if I obey it
5. I can be wholehearted
6. If I store your Word, I won't have the tendency to sin
7. you are my teacher
8. I can delight and meditate in it and it will never lose its luster or wonder
9. Make my eyes closed to other things and open to it
10. Can I be consumed with your word and not with other things at all times - but not like the pharisees and/or scribes
11. I already have the best counselor and he doesn't cost 100$/hour
12. The Word is a great teacher (because of the Holy Spirit)
13. The Word is a stronghold in my life and the strength of it - the words of my Savior
14. Wholity of heart - that isn't even a word - being wholehearted
15. "Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things, and give me life in your ways."(37)
16. Let me find delight in your word and nothing else of the things this world offers
17. Good judgment and knowledge - things we long for in this world - come from knowing your Word.
18. Again, not a divided heart.
19. Let me be a person who hopes in your Word (even if it is the SS answers)
20. No matter what persecution I go through here on this earth - let me hope in the promises of your Word.
21. More understanding - more meditation.
22. Accept my worship and teach me your law - all in the same verse
23. Let me pant for your water -be dry and thirsty for your Word.
24. (133) Let no iniquity get dominion over me - oh, let this be true and right in my life.
25. May I weep for the people who do not keep your commandments
26. May I be more excited about your Word than I am with finding a great deal or a great book or a great recipe or hearing a great song

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