Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nov 17, Ps 134-139

Thinking and dwelling on the Word in the morning - what a concept
134 - Again, blessing Lord with our lifting up of hands and our steadfastness. If I could just ever get a full concept of what that means...
135.3 - Sing to Him because He is beautiful - more than anything else here on earth (or in Heaven) Ps 73
135.13 - Your name and your renown endures throughout all generations and nations. Oh, I get to be a part of that by taking your fame to the world.
138.2 - His Word is exalted along with His name. That shows the importance of knowing and reading His Word.
138.8 - Lord, whatever that purpose is you have for me, I know you will fulfill it. Give me a glimpse of it I pray, that I may see the earthly purpose you are going to have for me. But, I continue to trust in you for direction each day.

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