Monday, November 28, 2005

Nov 28 - Enrich my understanding

And my passion for the Word - even the Chronicles...
12.1 - Why is it when we get strong - then we kind of start to live on our own and get weak again?
12.14 - Let me seek the Lord with my whole heart - that I might not do evil. When I seek after other things - even my own strength - that's when I go wrong...
14.11 - Let that be our prayer - we are weak without you - like Paul says - in our weaknesses you are strong. Let us go into battle against Durham and the evil in it behind you - not behind the name of the summit
15.7 - I prayed this for Indonesia - let me remember to pray this for Brad and Miles and also for Thailand - that our work will be rewarded because of WHO leads it.
15.16 - Not even family can keep you from serving the Lord!
The peaceful reign of Asa because his heart was true to the Lord

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