Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Post - 1 Chron 23-27

Thankful for: technology to keep up with all my friends and family, before that of course - the precious and irreplaceable cross of Christ, the mercy of the Lord, prayer, the WORD, The Summit, my family, my mentors Billy and Phyllis, jobs and health, football, hot water and a roof over my head that hasn't been destroyed, the freedom to preach Christ and Him born and crucified, for the knowledge and grace of God that saved me while I still an enemy to him, way before I was even born, music, worship, a worship leader that loves JEsus, a pastor that loves the Word, friends who love me and correct me when needed, a chance to love college girls and teach them the Word of God, a chance to go over the world and share the gospel and love on my friends, the hope of glory Christ - living in me, the Holy Spirit, being created in God's image, my education, cooking abilities, a Mom and Dad who love Jesus, a brother and sis in law who love Him too. And many other things...

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