Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fave OT book

Oh, I'm so excited about reading this - what a joy! It'll be hard to not write too much, but I guess it doesn't really matter
1.2-3 - What an odd request of the Lord. Go do something that I have told you not to do - commit adultery - that is what his wife did. Then, Hosea doesn't do anything but go and obey. He had such a good relationship with God that he didn't question even the oddest of tasks.
1.4-9 - What a thing...these kids had to go throughout their whole life knowing the forsakeness of God everytime their name was called by someone.
2.16 - May I have and long for that intimate relationship with you and not the legalistic only relationship with you.
2.19-20 - These are things that a harlot wouldn't know - steadfast love, mercy, righteousness, faithfulness - yet this is what God offers.
2.23 - Oh how cool it is that God changes our names
4.10 - We are not satisfied because we try to fill ourselves with things that won't and aren't intended to satisfy. Like the Caedmon's song - "you created nothing, that gives me more pleasure than you."
4.12 - They have left their God (faithful love, mercy, steadfastness, righteouness) to play the whore - fear, rejection, usage, cheapness

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