Wednesday, November 09, 2005

psalm of wonder

111.1 - with a whole heart. Kind of like unite my heart to fear your name...
111 - What a great psalm of wonder of many of God's attributes: great, splendor, majesty, righteousness, gracious, merciful, provisional, lovingkindness, powerful, giving, faithful, just, eternal, faithful, upright, redeeming, holy, awesome, feared, praiseworthy.
112.1 - Mirrors many other psalms, but 1.1-5 especially
112.7 - Even when we get bad news, may we be firm in the Lord and trust that you have everything in control.
114.7 - The whole earth will tremble! He is the maker of it all!
115.1 - As I sing the Tomlin song - may that be the way I live my life today - everyday
115 - Starts out with all this done to God's glory - give Him praise. Then he goes on to tell us what he is going to do for us - all for his glory!

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