Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nov 22, 1 Chron 15-18

I do not have a good attitude toward the Word right now. I'm in a boring book and I have put it off till I am tired and wanting to go to bed. Lord - change my heart to where I yearn for this book in every season. That I don't have a dry season, but daily want to be in this book so I can hear from you.
15.13 - The Lord's anger came upon them because they didn't seek His way of doing things...let me always seek you in how I should do everything...
15.29 - when others who have not experienced the Lord see us rejoicing in Him - they don't like us very much. Just like Michal didn't like her husband very much when he was making a "fool" out of himself.
16 - All the ways that David praised the Lord: giving thanks, calling on His name, proclaiming His deeds, singing, telling of what He has done, giving glory to Him, remembering what He has done, remembering his covenant, singing, telling, declaring to the nations, ascribing, bringing an offering, worshipping, tremble, rejoice, be glad, plead with God, bless the Lord
16.25-28 - what great things and true things to say about the Lord!
171.12 - Oh how disappointed David must have been when Nathan came and told him that he wasn't going to build the temple. How would I feel if God told me I wasn't to do something great for Him that I thought I was going to do?

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