Friday, November 04, 2005

Facedown - Matt Redman

41.4 - He set out so many specifics for His Most Holy PLace - His dwelling place in the temple. Although He doesn't have a specific temple under the NEw Covenant - we meet in churches, He does have a temple for the holy Spirit and that is us and HE has set up specifics for that as well - that our bodies are temples. God help me to recognize my body as your body and it is your temple for you to dwell in.
43.3-5 - Ezekiel's reaction to seeing the glory of the Lord fill the temple - he fell face down at the glory of the Lord - out of respect and negation of self - out of homage and surrender. Oh how I wish you compelled me to do that more often - not out of sign to other people and not that I would do it out of show, but out of knowing and being in your glory.
44.4 - AGain, the reaction of Ez to the glory of the Lord - falling face down. We see that so often in Scripture - why isn't it more visible in our worship today?
44.28 - The Lord is their possession, their inheritance - they need nothing else.

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