Sunday, November 13, 2005


Again, to continue in this realistic book on my life even with Christ today.
5.4b - For the spirit of whoredom is within them... - Oh but God you have put your New Spirit within me - the Holy Spirit - may I walk in Him daily and not walk in the flesh - may I live and walk with you - so that I might be able to deny the spirit of the flesh, spirit of whoredom that is within me if I am not within you!
5.11 - Because he was determined to go after filth - why are we so determined to go after things that aren't of you. I know I am. Break me of my rebellious spirit - Rise up within me breath of God and kill my determination.
5.15 - Oh please Lord do not make my life a distress before I turn back to you and leave my sins and press hard into your face, to get the imprint of your face on mine -
6.1-3 - Returning to you is painful - but ultimately it is healing. Oh, let me have grace and mercy so I can press on to know You - intimately.
6.6 - Not singing and bringing grain - S&S song
7.14 - Again it is all about show - let it be in the heart with me and our church as a whole. May we not worship you for show or because we are the Summit - but may we cry and be broken in our hearts because we are children of you who have been bought with a high price - not piddly pinnance from our pimps.

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