Sunday, November 20, 2005

So, the blog has been lonely

Here is am playing catch up. Tired on Friday morning, slept in to go to the mtns on Saturday morning, and tired to get up for worship on Sunday morning. But God knew what I needed and allowed halfway through worship my headache to not play a factor and I came into communion with Him - good Scripture readings...still not totally true in my life. So, these are for the last two days and today...back to normal tomorrow. I'm glad this crazy schedule is only for 2 months!
140.13 - Stay with the upright - let me be righteous in my actions, made righteous by you!
141.2 - Evening sacrifice and incense...both things are to the alter. Made of things to give up - my prayers and my hands in surrender to you.
141.8 - But my eyes are toward you - let me look to see what you are doing and go there - not look elsewhere.
143.6 - Reaching to touch you, to be quenched by your everflowing water!
144.1-2 - See, that is just what we sang this morning - remembering the goodness of your Name and protection.
145.3 - His greatness is unsearchable - we can't even begin to know it?
146.3 - Don't put your trust in a son of man in whom there is no salvation.
147.1 - A song of praise is fitting and pleasant - oh then why don't I do it more often!
149.4 - He takes pleasure in His people - He takes pleasure and joy in us!
1 Chron 4.10 - Oh the randomness of the prayer of Jabez - this is what his name means, pain. But he asks this in the midst of the long list of names from all the generations. I know that your Word is completely useful and perfect, but this long list of names, I have yet to see the full use of - but I will continue to grow!
1 Chron 9.2 - Their captivity was because of their lack of faith - oh, don't let our faith wain.
1 Chron 10.13-14 - Saul died because of his sin - seeking the stars for guidance and not Him and not having faith in the Lord. Even in the OT we see that sin leads always to death.

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