Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Back to the Psalms (126-133), Nov 16

Busy day, but thank you for waking me up and getting me in the Word!
126.2 - May this be a statement for those of us going to Thailand. That we would be filled with laughter and joy over you and the joy of your presence in our lives - that in turn all the nations will see that the Lord has done great things for us!
127.2 - Let me not do this getting up early in vain - for me, but to spend it with you. May I also get to bed early some time whenever would be nice!
130.3,4 - Thank you for forgiveness of sins and grace to be favored by you.
130.5 - Let me only put my trust inyou. I know about you through your Word - your true perfect Word that shows me who you are!

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