Monday, November 14, 2005

consider our harlotry

9.1 - We don't even consider our harlotry and we rejoice like we are faithful when we get money from other gods.
9.17 - I don't want to be rejected because of my faithfullessness. Let me come and come by JEsus and hold to JEsus and be faithful to JEsus.
10.12 - This was my yearly verse about 10 years ago now i guess..."for it is the time to seek the Lord that he may come and rain righteousnes upon you." Oh come make me more like you. Rain it down.
10.13 - We are sinful when we trust in our own ways to lead and sustain us.
11.4 - Even in this - the Lord is gracious and will bend down to lead me.
11.9 - He is the Holy One in our midst...what a great promise - let us live like it.
11.11 - "I will return them to their homes..."

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